Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fashion: Adventure time leggings

Hello Sweethearts,

todays fashion post is all around my new Adventure time leggings. I like to style these kind of leggings with something simple and everyday pieces.

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The Adventure time leggings I got at a local shop but they're also available here or here. The fluffy light pink sweater is from H&M. The black top tank is also from H&M. And the shoes are black Uggs.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Heart shaped brushes

Hello Sweethearts,

In todays post I'm sharing the new heart shaped brushes I bought this week. I felt like I needed more cute brushes for decoration. So I went out and bought two. If I ever get more space for my make up I will buy more.

The first brush is actually heart shaped and pink! I got this one for $2.42 on eBay. I could never ever see myself use this one for applying actual make up but it just looks so cute.
And the second brush has a heart shape in the brush hairs which I think is so cute too. I'm not sure about the colour combination thought, purple and pink aren't the best combination if you ask me. I got the 'Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss Blush Brush' for € 2.89.

What are your thoughts on brushes for decoration?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fashion: Cozy but fabulous

Hello Sweethearts,

today's article is a fashion article!


The blue shirt with the gem stone details and the sequins is from H&M. The fake fur snood is from Topshop. The black tank top is from H&M. The black leggings are from Zara. And the Black heels are from Primark.

Friday, February 13, 2015

eBay haul: Nail art stamping plates

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share my recent buys on eBay. I bought a lot of nail art stamping plates and stampers.

I bought a stamper and a scraper for $0.99 here (the left one) && I got one for free (the right one) from a random seller with one of my orders.

I also ordered some cool tip guides for $0.86, such a bargain, from this seller.

The first stamping plate I got is this cute one with nail polishes on it. So cool to wear nail polishes on nail polish right. I can't find the seller anymore, sad face.

The second stamping plate reminded me of the power puff girls, I don't know why, but I definitely need this in my collection. I got this one for $0.86 from this seller.

The third stamping plate is super cool and cute with the whole cinema film thing and the cute cats. I love filming and films and I love cats even more so you see why I needed this one in my collection! I got this one for $0.99 from this seller.

The fourth stamping plate has this whole nail design going on and I really wanted one with full nail designs because I think those are the coolest. I got this one for $1.75 from this seller.

The fifth stamping plate also got this whole nail design which why I also decided to get it. I got this one for $0.86 from this seller.

The sixth stamping plate is again a full nail design but with flowers. And since flowers are very hot and trendy this summer I also decided that I needed this one for the collection. I got this one for $0.86 from this seller.

The seventh stamping plate has these cute cats on them and these Aztec design. I got this one for $0.99 from this seller.

The eight stamping plate is perfect for valentines day or any other moment you feel like wearing hearts on your nails. I don't know why there is a lingerie image on this plate, kind of weird if you ask me. I got this plate for $1.57 from this seller

The ninth and last stamping plate I got is this cute one with cupcakes, candy, seashells and ice cream on it. I got this one for $0.99 from this seller.

How does your favourite stamping plate look like?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's in my professional make up artist kit?

Hello Sweethearts,

I recently started a course called Maquillage Professionnel (Also know as a make up artist). So I decided that it might be fun to show what I got in my make up kit. Which I did in this video.

I mainly work with MAC cosmetics but I also use Make-up studio and Collistar. Don't forget to watch the video for more information and a better close up on the products.

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