Friday, April 24, 2015

Huge make up brush haul; Sigma & Zoeva

Hello Sweethearts,

I recently decided to order some new make up brushes, not only to use in beauty school but also to update my personal collection. Today the Sigma brushes arrived and as soon as I posted the picture on Instagram my account tripped because so many people liked the photo. So I thought that it would be appropriate to start this haul with the Sigma brushes.

The Sigma blending - E25 brush was a present from Sigma. This is a small travel size brush that I got for free with my order, they let me choose with brush I wanted and since I needed a new blending brush I found this one very appropriate.

Sigma about this brush:

'The E25 Blending features a slightly firm and rounded brush head for universal blending of products. Works well to soften intense lines and edges and great for combining colors on the lid. '

The Sigma firm blender E44 is a brush I decided to go with because I need to blend a lot in beauty school when applying eye make up on my models. So I thought the more different blending brushes the better.

The brush is $16.

Sigma about this brush:
' The E44 Firm Blender features a firm, dense brush head great for intense crease application for even blending of color or blending two shades together.'

The Sigma flat kabuki F80 is actually a gift for my sister. I already own this brush since 2011 and I love it to bits so I thought this would be a nice gift! Click here to read about the article I wrote when I just got the brush.

The brush is $24.

Sigma about the brush:
' The F80 Flat Kabuki™ features a flat top brush head with very soft and dense fibers. Made with exclusive Sigmax® fibers, this brush provides a flawless, high definition finish with liquid or cream foundation without any absorption of product. '

The Sigma 3DHD precision brush I just needed to have and try out. The brush is so unique by itself. I can't wait to try this brush out tomorrow!

The brush is $19.

Sigma about this brush:
' The 3DHD™ Precision is a multifunctional brush engineered to perfection. It was uniquely designed for smaller areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. Patent pending.'

The last Sigma brush I bought is the Small tapered blending - E45. I already own one of these but I desperately needed one for my beauty school brush collection. When it comes to the outer corner of your eye and crease and blending this one is perfection. I feel like this brush doesn't get enough credit for how amazing it is.

Click here to read my first reaction when I just got it back in 2011.

The brush is $14.

Sigma on this brush:
' The E45 Small Tapered Blending brush features a small, tapered brush head with a pointed tip. This brush is ideal for adding depth in the crease with control of product placement. Works great with dark shades of powder shadows keeping them in place. '

I ordered the Zoeva 104 buffer because I wanted to know if this was a good dupe for the F80 and I wanted one of these flat kabuki brushes for my beauty school brush collection. I will do a review soon.

The brush is €14.80.

Zoeva about this brush:
' This brush is perfect for all-over application and blending of foundation, powder and mineral makeup products. 
For a super natural finish, apply your makeup gently by dabbing the brush onto your skin and then softly blend the edges in a circular motion.

I bought the Zoeva 315 Fine liner  twice one for my personal collection and one for my beauty school collection. I always wanted one of those angled precision brushes.

The brush is €6.80 each.

Zoeva about this brush:
' A classic eyeliner brush with a fine point, for easy and precise application. Its nylon bristles work best with cream liner and liquid products. To create eyelid lines with eyeshadow gently dip the brush in a little water and apply the line with your favorite eyeshadow color. '

The 226 smudger is a brush I ordered because I feel like every collection needs one of these brushes and my beauty school collection had non.

This brush is €7.80.

Zoeva about this brush:
' The Smudger eye brush is the perfect tool to apply, shade and blend eyeshadow and kohl liner along the lash line. The professional shape of the brush creates easily smoky eyes and seductive cat eye looks. '

The Zoeva 129 luxe fan brush I simply order because I really needed a fan brush and I didn't have one. And since I was already on the Zoeva site I decided to buy one from Zoeva.

The brush is €10.80.

Zoeva about this brush:
' Soft as a feather, the ZOEVA Luxe Fan brush is especially suited for the delicate application of powder highlighter for a super natural finish. Additionally you have a professional tool to erase any fall out or excess powder from your face. Multitasking at its best.'

The last brush I ordered from Zoeva is the 228 Luxe crease brush. I just really wanted a new crease brush for my personal collection since I didn't really had one. And which beauty guru can life in this day and age without a crease blending brush.

The brush is €7.80.

Zoeva about this brush:

' An essential tool for a professional crease definition and a perfect eye contour. With this brush you can blend eyeshadow and shade transitions. A darker shade in the eyelid crease creates depth and highlights the eyes. '

What's your favourite Zoeva or Sigma brush?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fashion: white dungarees & two different ways to wear dungarees.

Hello Sweethearts,

If you read my small haul post I posted on Sunday than I know I just got a new pair of jeans. Not just regular jeans but dungarees, white dungarees. I couldn't wait to share my new look in my new dungarees.

The white dungarees are from H&M. The pink long sleeve top is from H&M as well. The black ballerina's are from Primark.

My cat decided to photobomb me while shooting these outfit posts so I decided it was a good moment for a picture together. He didn't agree, haha.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lip product Tuesday: Essence lipstick in 20 Get the look!, 01 Wearing only a smile && 03 Come naturally

Hello Sweethearts,

It's been a while since I wrote an article about a lip product on a Tuesday. To be really honest I stopped taking care of my lips and they became a mess. But today my lips looked pretty decent so I decided to swatch and review these lip products anyway.

This gorgeous light pink lipstick is the colour 'Get the look!'. When this lipstick first came out in the stores I was excited. Especially when it sold out ever week. I had to go through a lot of trouble to get it. But on my lips it looks so crackled, like a hot mess. I still think the colour is gorgeous and may look better with a thick lipgloss on top.

This nude shade is the colour 'Wearing only a smile'. Well I wished that it looked like I was only wearing a smile because this is one mess. You have to thank god that this picture was unfocused because it looked horrible in real life. I don't know anyone who could wear this shade. I do own a nude lipstick by MAC and that one looks a thousand times more natural than this ever will do.

You might think that this shade is too light for my skin but I tried it on my hand and the colour blended in perfectly. I don't know where I went wrong but I'm kind of scared for the whole nude lip collection by Essence.

If you consider to buy this lipstick anyway I do have to warn you that this one has a bad plastic smell to it.

This dark nude shade is called 'Come naturally'. I was actually scared to try this one but I decided I wanted to buy one of the darker nude shades just to play around with. And to be honest this one is the one I like the most of these three. It looks so much better and even more natural than the other shades.

And of course I swatched the lipsticks on my hand. From left to right; Come Naturally, Get the look! & Wearing only a smile.

The lipsticks are €2.39 each.

What's your favourite colour of the new nude lipstick collection by Essence?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mini haul: H&M, Essie & Essence

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I went on a mini shopping trip today and I thought I would share what I bought. I haven't done a haul in a while because I'm very short in money lately.

I got the white dungarees from H&M in size 38 for €19.95. And the white t-shirt with the sequins perfume bottle is also from H&M and was €14.95.

The Essence frame4fame 02 glamour lashes I got on sale for €1, so I decided to buy two pairs.

And last but not least I also got two gorgeous Essie nail polishes in the colours 'Garden variety' and 'Blossom dandy' for €9.99 each.

I hope to upload my make up brush haul this week or some time soon.

What did you buy this week?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unboxing: Styletone box April 2015

Hello Sweethearts,

On Saturday this pleasant box arrived and I couldn't wait to show you what I got this month!

The first product I saw in the box is the Make Up Revolution  Radiant Light. This powder made me really excited and I can't wait to use it!

Styletone on this product:
' This highlighter made by the one and only Makeup Revolution is one of our fav products since the texture of the highlighter makes the application process sikly smooth. If you want to illuminate your beauty and glow, this is the product you need since it will just make your face vibrant and dimensional than ever! 

This product is full sized and €5.99.

The second product is the Ziaja  Sensitive Enzyme Peeling. I, sadly, can't use this product because I'm allergic to all the Ziaja products I have ever tried. But I do give them away as gifts and most people love receiving these!

Styletone on this product:
'Are you begging for some radiance when it comes to your skin? Are you tired of your skin looking so tired? Then this is the product for you. We know that it says "peeling" which can be intimidating, but trust us when we say that this product works wonders. Enzyme peelings are known for being a non-acid peel usually extracted from fruits. This will exfoliate your skin without being as aggressive as other types of peels. Plus there are no added harsh ingredients such as silicones, mineral oils, and perfume so those of you who have super sensitive skin won't feel any irritation after using this peel. This is great for all skin types, but it is especially soothing for those of you who have sensitive skin. Even after one try, your skin will feel instantly clean, smooth and refreshed! Say hello to smoothness, and bye to dead skin cells. '   

This product is full sized and €5.29.

The third product is the Glo Minerals Micro LipLiner. I can't wait to use this lipliner. I'm kind of sad that it's such a bright red since I barely wear a colour like this but I think I can find an occasion to use this lip liner.

Styletone on this product:
'Now this will become your makeup best friend since this all mineral lip liner has several benefits from anti-wrinkle to moisturising your lips. This lip liner provided by the one and only Glo Minerals has been especially created for the sensitive lip area and for long-lasting effects, which makes your look as complete as it gets! If you want to get that Angelina Jolie lip look whilst getting care at the same time, this is your lip liner!  '

This product is full sized and €11.50.

The fourth item is the Look Beauty Mascara in Ultra black. If there is something I love is it an ultra black mascara. I also really love the packaging it's so subtle and pink.

Styletone on this product:
'Look Beauty comes from the popular "Look" beauty magazine from the UK. These mascaras only have one thing, and that is to make your lashes bigger, bolder, and beautiful. The Oomph lashes will make you want to flutter your lashes all day since this mascara makes them pop out, just like Twiggy's.' [Side note I LOVE twiggy!]

This product is full sized and €9.50. 

The fifth item is the Nugg - Face Mask. This looks very interesting to me. I'm happy that I got the one with Shea butter because one of my friends told me that they use Shea butter on the face in Africa as a day cream. Ever since I wanted to try it on my face and now I can! Just applying Shea butter would be too oily for my skin.

Styletone on this product:
'Nugg is all about being pure since they only extract natural oils for their mixtures, which is something that everyone loves! About 90% of their mixture is extracted from natural ingredients. No wonder your face feels fantastic after you wash the mask off. There are no added harsh ingredients such as petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and colors since Nugg wants to let your skin feel the most natural way possible. 

Don't you just hate it as every year goes by, the deeper those fine lines get. But, it's never too late to start slowing down the age process by trying this Anti-Aging face mask. With the help from Wheat Germ Oil, White Tea Extract, Glycerin, and Aloe Juice, your skin will feel firm, moisturized, smooth and rejuvenating since this mask helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. '
This product is €4.49.
Go for more information to Style tone.

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