Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: Wave goddess 2in1 eyeliner by Essence.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share my opinion and experiences with the 2in1 eyeliner by Essence from their limited trend edition line Wave goddess.

From left to right;  01 life is better when you surf, 02 have a break, or two & 03 stand up and paddle!.

I swatched them all twice the first one is the thin side (on the middle picture it's the one above) and than the thick side (on the middle picture it's the one below) .

I was a bit surprised when I used them how much it reminds me of a marker pen. I don't think this is something positive but I still gave them a try. Stand up and paddle! is so close to the colour of Have a break. So I wouldn't recommend buying them both if your interested. ( I also think it's way to close to white than to blue to be used as blue eyeliner, but that's just my opinion)

The one that lasted the longest is Life is better when you surf. The other washed off pretty quick. Also they aren't water proof which to me is weird since the theme of the collection is beach and surfing.

Essence about this product:
"the 2in1 eyeliner conjures-up long-lasting eyeliner looks. the duo pencil with a thin tip on one end and a broad tip on the other allows you to create diverse surfer styles that can handle any waves, no matter how big! "

Even though I have mixed feelings about this product it's still great to wear as a line under need your lower lash line && that's all I wanted.

The 2 in 1 eyeliners are available till august && are €2.99 each.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unboxing: The beauty box of July 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to unbox the beauty box of the month July (2014). Sad but true this is the last beauty box I will receive since I cancelled my subscription. I received the box this Friday.

I love the text: "People will stare. Make it worth their while."

The first product is French manicure set by BeautyUK.
It came with the description; Bright colours are super hot this season but sometimes you want something more natural on your nails and a French manicure set is perfect for a change.

Fullsize - €6.50

The second product is the Anatomicals - Mattifying face mask.
I have mentioned it before on my blog how much I LOVE the brand Anatomicals. I even tried and reviewed one of their face masks before, click here to read it. I can't wait to try this one!

Fullsize - €1.50

The third product is the Anatomicals foot crème. Again an Anatomicals product && I'm loving it!

Fullsize - €4

The fourth item is the Green land bodycare with almond milk & lotus.
All the Greenland products are made of fruit, plants & herbs.

Fullsize - €8.95

The fifth product is the Himalaya Herbals - Neem foaming wash.
I received this one before in a glossybox, sad but true but this product is not good for my skin. But my mom loves it and just needed a new one so I gave it to her.
Fullsize - €6.99

The last and sixth product from this box is the L'oréal professionnel Absolut repair lipidium shampoo.
I'm actually really interested in this shampoo and I can't wait to give it a try! (let me know if you want me to review this product)

Well that was it for my Beauty box goodies so far. What do you think about this months box and previous months?
&& which subscription box should I try next?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nails: China Glaze in Keep calm, paint on & At vase value && Kinetic candy

Hello Sweethearts,

if you read my The perfect Tiffany's blue & turquoise nail polish article you know I'm obsessed with turquoise nail polishes. So when I found a web shop that sells China glaze nail polish with affordable shipping I couldn't resist to order some turquoise nail polishes.

From left to right; Keep Calm, Paint on & At vase value && Kinetic candy.
As you can tell they're all in the same colour range as turquoise but only the middle one is a true turquoise. The left one, Keep calm, paint on, is more green. While the right one, Kinetic candy, is more blue toned.
I do have to say that the colour difference is bigger on photo than in person. If I would show these swatches in person to a person some would probably have a hard time telling the difference.

My nails are still restoring from the damage they got from the acrylic nails I took a month ago. So I didn't try them yet on my nails. But honestly I can't wait to wear these polishes! They're so GORGEOUS!

What's your favourite turquoise nail polish?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lip product Tuesday: Beauty UK lipstick in no.10 Passion

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share, review and show you the pictures of the Beauty UK lipstick in number 10 Passion.
Sadly but true this one is sold out on their website at the moment.

The lipstick comes in a classy black packaging, with a cute white heart on it. At the top you can see the colour of the lipstick. You can take the little compartment off and also use and apply it with a lip pencil.

Beauty UK about this product:
"Leaving no shade unturned, our new collection of lipsticks in 'wet' or 'Matte' textures and an array of shades tempt you away from a predicable palette. The luxuriously moist formulation of the 'wet' collection leaves lips luscious and glossy with long lasting shine. Our 'Matte' formula gives a nourishing ,long-lasting pop of colour that packs a punch! all formulated with a fresh and tasty minty flavour."

When applied the lipstick smells like mint, which I absolutely love! The lipstick itself applies smooth and soft. I can honestly say that this lipstick is long lasting because it stayed on for hours. I'm definitely going to buy more lipsticks of this collection when I'm in the UK!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The perfect Tiffany blue / turquoise nail polishes.

Hello Sweethearts,

todays article is all about finding the perfect Tiffany's blue & turquoise nail polish. I have to confess that I'm absolutely in love wearing this shade of blue. So that's why my collection is so 'huge' & I decided to share my collection with my fellow nail polish lovers.

From left to right on the nail polish wheel;
  • You belong to me by Essence
  • Mint candy apple by Essie
  • Who is the boss by Essie
  • Unmistakable by Formula X
  • Fashion playground by Essie
  • Thanks a windmillion by OPI
  • Turquoise & caicos by Essie
You belong to me by Essence is a gorgeous colour the only downside is that it's no longer part of the Essence collection. Which to me was weird since this was THE nail polish to get from Essence. As you can see it's one of the deep and darker blues on the nail polish wheel.

Mint candy apple by Essie is one of the beginners and must have nail polishes from the Essie line. To me it's not really a Tiffany's blue or a turquoise but it comes close. On the nail polish wheel you can definitely tell that's one of brighter blue polishes.

Who is the boss by Essie is maybe part of the wedding collection 2012. Compared to other polishes it's more green toned but in real life it's a soft light blue with a grey undertone.

Unmistakable by Formula x. This is one of my go to nail polishes. It's a tint lighter than Turquoise & caicos. To me this is a true turquoise  / Tiffany's blue nail polish. I highly recommend getting this for your collection!

Fashion playground by Essie is a lighter turquoise more through wards green than blue. It also got sparkles in the formula, if you ask me that was highly unnecessary. This nail polish is part of the Spring 2014 hide & go chic collection.

Thanks a windmillion by OPI is only part of this selection because it looks identical in the bottle to Fashion playground. Don't let that fuel you because as seen on the nail polish wheel this is no where near a Tiffany's blue or turquoise colour. This one was part of the OPI Holland collection.

And now the best for last Turquoise & caicos by Essie. This is my all time favourite nail polish, since I got it. To me this is the perfect Turquoise colour. However for some reason I don't find it the perfect Tiffany's blue, if it was a shade darker it would have been.

What's your perfect turquoise or Tiffany's blue nail polish?

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