Monday, May 22, 2017

The Burgundy palette by Kylie Jenner

Dear readers,

today I want to introduce you to my first Kyshadow palette ever. I have heard so much about the makeup by Kylie Jenner that I couldn't resist buying one of her palettes. I decided to go for the Burgundy palette because it contains all the colour I love to wear the most.

This palette contains the colours; 'Naked', 'Beach', 'Penny', 'LA', 'Burgundy', 'Dubai', 'Brick', 'New york' & 'Almono'.

 From left to right: 'Naked', 'Beach', 'Penny', 'LA', 'Burgundy' & 'Dubai'.

From left to right: 'Brick', 'New york' & 'Almono'.

I can't wait to create new eye makeup looks with these gorgeous colours. If you want to know what I create with this palette than follow me on Instagram to be up to date.

Monday, May 15, 2017

H&M haul

Hello Sweethearts,

the past month I have visited the H&M a few times and bought here and there some new clothing. I thought that it all together would make one interesting fashion haul. I couldn't find every piece back on the H&M website but this is the majority of what I bought.

The first item is a gorgeous hair decoration that I got for €9.99. The sad part is that when I wanted to put this decoration on it broke, I might fix it.

The second item is a cute top with lace yoke that I got for €9.99.

The third item is a Coachella dress with bodysuit for €14.99. I decided that I liked the lace dress by itself more than with bodysuit. So I cut the bodysuit out of the dress and paired it with my next item. Which is a long black dress that I got for €9.99.

The fourth item is a gorgeous ruffled crêpe dress that I got for €39.99. I wore this dress in one of my recent Instagram pictures.

The fifth item is a silver sweater with hoodie that I got for €19.99. Perfect for the warm summer nights.

I also got a swimsuit with long sleeves for €34.99. I literally fell in love with this swimsuit its so comfortable.

The items that I returned.

I also had to return some items because I never fit my clothing in the store. The first item is a basic white top, I want to return it because I thought it was loose but its actually tight fitted. The second item I returned is a haram pants in dark blue because it's too small, my but it way too big. I'm actually thinking of getting it a few sizes bigger though. And the last item is a bikini top, which is super cute but my breast are too big.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Eye makeup look of the month April 2017

Hello Sweethearts,

I have skipped a few months in this series but April felt like a good month to look back on. So I decided that this is the month I bring this series back on my blog.

If you want to see the eye makeup looks directly when I upload them than follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Unboxing: Yume Twins kawaii box ~ Volume 12 May 2017

Dear readers,

After my unboxing of the Yume Twins box of March I once in a while visited the Yume Twins website to see what kind of themes the next boxes will have. When in April I saw that the upcoming box, the box of May, would have the cat theme. I didn't even think twice and ordered that box. Which arrived this weekend and I'm now proudly going to unbox it with you.

The first item I got out of this box the 'AMUSE Tsuchineko plush pouch'

'Inspired by tsuchineko, the snake-like being in Japanese folklores, popular Japanese plush maker AMUSE created the cute Tsuchineko cats which have their paws snugly hidden under their bodies. Though just a regular ol'plush at first glance, flip it and draw the zipper to open up a hidden pouch where you can fit writing utensils and small accessories.'

I think this one is soooooooo CUTE!

The second item I saw in this box is the 'Yo-Kai Watch DX explorer Komasan plush'.

'A fully licensed plush from a big-name toy maker, Bandai, Komasan makes an appearance in a cute explorer outfit this month. Straight from the popular Yo-Kai watch series, this Komasan plush is here to make you forget all your troubles and to accompany you on new adventures.'

I don't know this series but I'm interested. I'm going to check it out somewhere this week.

The third item is the 'Animal style tumbler'.

'Carry your favourite drink in this cute tumbler. The perfect size to fit in your purse, this slim cat-designed tumbler can be carried with you wherever you go! This tumbler can withstand liquid up to 100 degree Celsius.'

The fourth item is the 'Silvia & Silverster mascot keychain'.

'Designed by Japan Artist Society and licensed by plush maker Shinada, Silvia & Silvester have remained popular characters since their birth in 1980. The cute palm-sized plushies have a convenient ball chain attached to them so you can carry them everywhere you go on your purse.'

Again super CUTE!

The last item is the 'Tsum Tsum Coin purse'.

'Gamaguchi style coin purse with a cute Tsum Tsum design. Comes with a ball chain so you can easily hook it onto your favourite purse. Although a coin purse, it'd also be perfect to carry your accessories in as well!'

I feel like this item is kind of out of synch with the rest of the box. I still like it though! I have a best friend who loves Disney and I think I'm going to give it to her for her birthday as an extra present.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BeautyBay haul: Sugarpill Cosmetics & Makeup Geek

Dear readers,

todays article is yet another haul but this one is kind of 'special' since this is my first Sugarpill cosmetics purchase.

The first purchase I made from Sugarpill was the Kim Chi (yes, the drag queen) eyeshadow. She made this eyeshadow in collaboration with Sugarpill. I have to say it's absolutely gorgeous! It's so blue and pigmented. I also used this eyeshadow in my Instagram look yesterday.

I got this eyeshadow for £11.33.

Left to right: Aphrodite, Pan Mai, Rockstar, Castle on the hill & 2AM.

I also decided to buy two Pro pan pressed eyeshadows from Sugarpill & to update my collection with three eyeshadows from Makeup Geek .

The two big eyeshadows above are from Sugarpill. They're in the colours 'Castle on the hill' & '2AM'.

I got these for £8.50 & £8.76. I'm not quite sure why there is a slight price difference.

The eyeshadows from Makeup Geek are 'Aphrodite', 'Pan Mai' & 'Rockstar'. Aphrodite is from the regular collection and Pan Mai & Rockstar are both from the Duo chrome collection.

I got them for £6.18 each.

The last things I got from BeautyBay are two loose eyeshadows by Sugarpill in 'Stella' & 'Countess'. I used these gorgeous loose eyeshadows in my latest Instagram look.

I got them for £11.00 & £11.33.

What eyeshadow from Sugarpill should I get next?