Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stargazer liquid eyeliner haul

Hello Sweethearts,

this weekend my new Stargazer eyeliners arrived in the mail. I can't wait to share the colours I decided to buy. I bought one regular eyeliner in turquoise and all the neon UV eyeliners they sell.

The eyeliners from left to right: Turquoise, Yellow, Magenta, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, Violet & Green.
My hand is a bit shaky so that's why the eyeliner swatches don't look that great. The eyeliners are £3 each.

This is a close up of the brush as you can tell they have bristles and not a sponge applicator. This is a huge plus point when it comes to creative eye makeup looks.

They gave me two 'Sexy pout' temporary lip tattoos for free with my order.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Makeup Geek haul

Hello Sweethearts,

after my recent and first Makeup Geek haul I fell totally in love with their duochrome and foiled eyeshadows. So I decided to order some more on BeautyBay. Want to know which eyeshadows I ordered? Than keep on reading!

The first three eyeshadows are foiled eyeshadows and the second row of eyeshadows are duochrome.
From the first row left to right: 'In the spotlights', 'Starry eyed' & 'Daydreamer'. The foiled eyeshadows are £7.95 each.
The second row from left to right: 'Voltage', 'Ritzy' & 'Phantom'. The duochrome eyeshadows are £4.95 each.

I also swatched them all from left to right: 'In the spotlights', 'Starry eyed', 'Daydreamer', 'Voltage', 'Ritzy' & 'Phantom'.

I'm so in love with both the effects and pigmentation of the eyeshadows. I really want more but not all the colours I want are available in the UK. These eyeshadows will soon be featured on my Instagram in eyelooks.

What's your favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadow?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DIY canvas gift wrapping idea

Hello Sweethearts,

My sister had her birthday last week. And because I didn't just want to wrap and give a gift to her, I decided to do something totally different. I decided to glue her gifts on a canvas and presented to her as if I was going to give her a painting.

The idea behind this gift is very simple but got a lot of positive comments. All you need are gifts, hot glue gun and a blanc canvas. I got the canvas for less than €2.
I hot glued the gifts to the canvas. I decided to go with hot glue because it's strong enough to hold the gifts yet easy to remove from the gifts and canvas without damage.

I also added the 22 in glitter just as extra touch to the canvas. I did this by using regular glue and writing 22 with the glue. I sprinkled some glitter on top of the glue and let it dry over night.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fashion: A-line dress

Hello Sweethearts,

I haven't been posting a lot of outfit articles the past month but I have been preparing some looks for an upcoming articles.

The green A-line dress with a turtleneck is from H&M. The black fake fur is from H&M. The knee high boots are from Forever21.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Eye makeup looks of the month June 2016

Hello Sweethearts,

another month has passed since the last update; Eye makeup looks of the month May 2016. I have created 13 different looks in this past month and I'm eager to share them with you.
You can also follow the looks on my Facebook & Instagram.

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