Friday, April 22, 2011

Donkey Oaty Lush

The summer started for my feeling this week. Because the weather is so warm and sunny.
And all of the sudden I felt like Lush - well I felt like I needed to buy a lot of lush, because I haven't the past to months and I'm running out of all my lush goodies ! -
BUT I somehow shop WAY to much this month - I guess ??-
and last month I bought way to much make up for my feeling, so this month I can't buy any make up.
anywayz that wasn't the point. My point is that I wanted to buy something for in bath and that I saw the Donkey Oaty Lush. - Just read on that it's another kids bath thingie, I always take the bathbombs for kids whyyyy??? haha-
And I fell in love with the Donkey Oaty because of it's colour, the confetti and it's delicious smell.

So yesterday after Pilates - A hard work out- I went with the Donkey Oaty in bath.
I only used the head so I guess this Part 1 of my story.
As soon as I dropped that small part into my bath the strong delicious smell fulled the room.
And before I knew it my whole bath was orange and smelled delicious !
Then I thought by myself if such a small part can make my whole bath smell delicious and look nice, then this is one of the cheap bath bombs from Lush. I normally don't notice the prize because lush is always worth it.
And otherwise I would probably get a heart attack if i knew how much I spend in a year at lush.
But this bath bomb you can actually use three times, without any doubt. Most Lush bathbombs that can do that aren't really easy to divide but this one is !
And when I stopped thinking that whole thinking part I saw my bath was orange !
It's not that dark on the picture but for real it was darker.
Anywayz next time I take a bath I'm going to use the other half - I decided to divide it in two- and I'm going to edit this post and put part 2 with it, so you can see my bath with the Donkey Oaty confetti part! how AWESOMEEE !

Part 2: ....To be continued .....

Speak to you later awesome readers
xXx Julia

Part 2: 
Here is a picture of the bath I took with the other half.
I loved the confetti because it was soft and it made my bath a lot more fun. And it smelled just as delicious I sat in bath for more than an hour, that's how much I loved it !

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