Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Haul thing ?

Happy Easter to you all,

So today I decided to write a Haul/blog/something/something. Anywayz yesterday I went shopping and I actually bought a lot of boring stuff. I think….

But my dad gave me a really cool present, he bought me another Lush bathbom shaped like an egg. And it smells like snow fairy… Yeah you didn’t see that one coming ! haha, no as you all know I’m kind of addicted to the smell of Snow Fairy. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the lip balm & the big bottle of soap. And it’s actually one of the view products from Lush that I re-bought. The only thing I bought more then twice, besides Snow Fairy, is Big. So that really says A LOT if you know how much I spend at Lush. Anyway that was not my point. I got the Fluffy egg. And I know I still have to do a part two of my Donkey Oaty Lush talk. But so you know I’m going to talk a hell lot more about lush on my blogs the next view weeks….

Further I bought a self-tanning spray from Sephora. I don’t know if I really like it. I mean I like it but I don’t love it. Just like I don’t love the ones I have from dove & L’oreal. I still love my first self-tanning lotion. from Hawaii tropic. But they don’t sell that one anymore. Which I kind of hate because it didn’t only make me brown it also gave me this nice bronze glow after I went outside. but I’m not sure yet if the one from sephora doesn’t give me that effect because I only used it once.
 And further I also bought a pink supersize powder brush, it wasn’t expensive but o so cute ! the only thing I hate about this brush is that it takes a long time before it’s actually dry enough to use again, after I washed/cleaned it.

And then the last and most boring thing I bought yesterday were vitamins and all that kind of stuff. I only took a picture of it because I love the colors of these bottles together. Haha
By the way sorry for the horrible pictures but my camera would not focus this week ! Also this week I uploaded a how to make delicious muffins video on my youtube channel, if you haven't seen it don't forget to check it out !
Thanks for reading, sweet readers !
xXx Julia

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  1. i love the lush egg you got it looks pretty! i bet is smells great too!