Thursday, April 28, 2011

Julia's Fashion Minute: Different kind of Tights AND Heels

I know I know this Fashion video is posted way to close to my other one.
But I got so many requests I couldn't not do it !
Besides next week I will only post blog posts I think.haha
But starting with the first thing that got Requested ~ how to put tights on without ripping them.
To know the answer on that you really have to see my video,
A picture of me showing you how to put on tights without ripping them. Looks like fun right?

Then the outfits and where I bought the clothes will be listed here. - most of them where also requested.

Top: H&M - Size: 36
Skirt: H&M - Size: XS
Belt: H&M
Tights: Primark
Heels: Graceland - Size: 4

Dress: H&M - Size: 34
Tights: H&M
Belt: Pieces
Heels: Graceland

Top: H&M - Size: S
Dress: Miss Selfridge - Size: 10
Tights: H&M
Heels left: H&M - Size: 4
Heels Right: Graceland - Size: 4

Outfits on the left:
Top: H&M - Size: S
Belt: Tally Weijl
Heels: H&M - Size: 36

Outfits on the right:
Top: H&M - Size: S
Scarf: Pieces
Tights: New look
Heels: Graceland - Size: 36

So those where the ouftis for this week.
If you have a request you can always ask me by sending me an email, tweet it to me or leaving me a comment here or on youtube.

And now I have a request for you. I also asked this in my video.
If you have been or are inspired by one of my Julia's Fashion Minute, then take a picture of you wearing that outfit [in your own way] and send it to me. Because I would love to see it and do a blog post about it.
I will use your picture but I will also give you credit for it by posting your link with the picture !
And if you want even a message or story on how you got inspired. Also if you have an outfits for me to inspire me I will also love to see that. I really would !

Anywayz I want to thank you all
for the sweet messages you send to me !
stay awesome !
xXx Julia 

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