Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Julia's Fashion Minute: Polka Dots & Salor Stripes - Perfect for Beach weather

Howdie ho,
Don't know why I wanted to start with that, but anwayzzzz
I did a Julia's Fashion Minute as you could see.
so here are the 2 outfits with where a bought what.
And as you can probably see I used items from my last Haul.
Outfit on the Left:                                                     Outfit on the Right:
Top - Topshop                                                         Dress - Pull&Bear
Shirt - H&M                                                     Tights - H&M
Shoes - Vans                                                            Shoes - Vans
Watch - Jetset                                                           Belt: Pull&Bear
Belt: Pull&Bear

I know, I know that was a sort Julia's Fashion Minute BUT I'm going to upload an other Julia's Fashion Minute within a week, with four outfits. And it will be called: How to wear Printed Leggings & Tights !
so stay tuned, because I pormiss it will be worth watching !

xXx Julia
ps I will be making Muffins tomorrow, so if my house burned down I will let you know haha !

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