Monday, April 11, 2011

Miss.Evolution aka M.E clothing

Miss.Evolution aka M.E clothing is a range made by a very creative and pretty girl Chantelle. She creates every outfit herself, also the designs. Which is pretty amazing because she is very talented.


So I met Chantelle last summer, and she is so sweet. Some pictures of the meeting. Don’t think she’s happy with me putting up a picture of her eating a cupcake, but I thought it was a really nice picture of her. What kind of proves how photogenic she really is . haha anywayz I’m going to start reviewing her online store and the items I have.

The fact that I met Chantelle is not going to affect my Review and honest opinion.

The first thing to start with is; what I love about M.E Clothing is that she doesn’t only makes it herself, but she also makes custom designs. Which means that if you have an idea of an outfit, but you can’t find it in the stores you can just simple email her and she makes it for you. Within 3 weeks, what’s really fast if you ask me!

Than the other items on the site are really one of a kind and not that expensive at all, if you ask me for handmade clothes, that are made with so much love ! like she says on her homepage: I promise to make all my clothes with love and care and with brand new fabric i wouldn't sell anything i wouldn't want to wear myself. Also my clothes are of limited stock because i make them all myself. Makes it even better !

The items I got are one skirt and two bows.

The skirt I really like because it’s really unique with the bow and all, and you can also wear it as a top ! what makes it even better. It also looks really nice for handmade clothing. No lose stitches and it’s kind of starchy what makes it very wearable !

The bows I love even more because they’re big and quite unique. I’m the kind of girl that has a bow collection of 30/40 bows. And believe me I have never seen a bow like those bows before ! I also wear it in this video for if you want to see one of the bows in my hair. Also a good reason to buy one of these bows is that they’re not very expensive and so worth the money !

So I hope this little review give you the information you needed to know. I hope you try M.E clothing && let me know what you think of it !

xXx Julia

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