Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Previous Julia’s Fashion Minutes

With the first Julia’s Fashion Minute I ever made I never expected to be soooo like, as it is today.

So here are my older fashion minutes listed from the first one I ever made to one last one I made before I made this blog:

julia's fashion minute :
Julia's Fashion minute - the classic look :
Julia's Fashion Minute ; the rock look :
Julia's Fashion Minute; how to change your look with just some assessoires and shoes ! :
Julia's Fashion Minute; Why I Love Pastel colours ! :
Julia's Fashion Minute; My Everday Dresses :
Julia's Fashion Minute; Outfit of the day - lots of layers but still simple:
Julia's Fashion Minute; What To Do With A Boring Dress + OOTD :
Julia's Fashion Minute ; Six Outfits For Work ; Requested By shaashiie ! :
Julia's Fashion Minute; Bow It + My Fashionn desgin sketches :
Julia's Fashion Minute; How To Look Fabulous In An Oversized T-Shirt :
Julia's Fashion Minute ; OOTD [last day of school] :
Julia's Fashion Minute: what i wore this week :

Julia's Fashion Minute : Summer Outfits From This week 2 :
Julia's Fashion Minute: From Chic to Rock in a view seconds :
Julia'sFashionMinute:How To Look fiminine/smart/chic/sophisticated in Jeans :
Julia's Fashion Minute: Beginning of Fall, The outfits 2010 :
Julia's fashion minute: Black, Fake Fur, Studs & Pink :
Julia's Fashion Minute: Print Meets Leather - Sophisticated vs Rock :
Julia's Fashion Minute: When I'm going out :

Julia's Fashion Minute: Different 8 outfits with one white dress :
Julia's Fashion Minute: Fall And Winter outfits :
Julia's Fashion Minute: 2011 must have outfits ! :
Julia's Big Fashion Minute: From Rocking winter to Spring Chic outfits :

As you can see my style changed over the time,
but one thing is still the same,
and that's me!

be yourself everyone else is already taken

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