Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Perfect Accessories

A couple of days ago I got the leaf headband from Accessorize as a present from my mom. She normally doesn't buy this kind of give for me [unless for big things, like my birthday or important things]. And this time because of something important. And also because I was pretty upset with how the hairdresser cut my hair.
If you follow me on twitter you kind of know this already.
Anywayz I am totally in LOVE with the headband she gave me.
I couldn't wait to write a blog post about it, and show you girlz how cute it is.
But I think I have more pictures then really a story haha.

It has kind of a golden colour. And for my feeling it has very old roman style. Which I really love because that never goes out of style. Besides how it looks I also love the headband for the fact that it doesn't hurt my head. Most headbands do give me a headache because they give way to much pressure on my head.
Also you can create different styles with just this headband.
By just adding a bronzer, and some gold eyeshadow you really get that goddess look. A White dress also works for a goddess feeling. Besides those two looks curls will also give you a nice look with this headband.
It also looks cute with just a braid or a high ponytail. I don't have a picture of me with a ponytail because I hate pictures of myself with a ponytail. haha I know that sounds weird but I feel bald with a ponytail.
And honestly this is kind of my secret for bad hair days and bad hair cuts.
Well the real secret is add something that's fabulous or something you like to make you feel confident. Because the best accessories is self-confidence. Love yourself first, the rest will follow.

Stay awesome sweet readers !
xXx Julia

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