Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sigma Review

I was pretty excited because on Friday exactly a week after I ordered the sigma brushes, they came in the mail. So I decided to do a review.
The packaging looks amazing. The brushes came with some information booklets, that tells you how to use the brushes and how to wash them before you use them.  Which is amazing because I never had that before and when you just start using brushes it’s very important to know how to clean them.
So I got the E45 and E70, because I felt like they’re perfect for smoky eyes. And I was right they’re more than perfect for smoky eyes, because it’s perfect for in the crease. Actually the E70 has an angle that exactly fits in your crease, which makes it easier to apply. And with the E45 you can apply  eye shadow so precisely that you can blend the crease color and the lid color with a different color without even seeing hard lines.


For the first time I heard about sigma was the summer of 2010, when my sister went to New York. I asked her the buy some of the brushes for me because I didn’t knew that they’re only a online store. When she couldn’t find them, I never looked back to the site till I saw someone use the Medium Angled Shading (E70). When I saw how nice it applied the eye shadow in the crease I immediately went to Sephora to ask if they sold a similar brush. But when they looked at me weird and tried to sell me a Small angled eyeliner brush I decided to go to MAC. Where they did have the Medium Angled brush only there it was $24.50. And on Sigma it’s only $9, so I decided to just go for it. When I figured out that the shipping only cost 3 Dollar something (to Europe ), I also decided to take the E45 brush.  


I’m so happy that I ordered them because the quality is as good as from Sephora and MAC brushes, but not as expensive. I would recommend them to everyone. Not only for the experts, they’re perfect for people who just started using make up because they’re easy to use. And the result look like you use make up for years.

Did you order something on Sigma already? Then let me know what you ordered and what you think of the brushes. Because to be honest I think I’m defiantly going to buy in the future !

And if you want to see how I use these brushes I kind of show it in my latest March Favorites video.

xXx Julia

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