Thursday, April 14, 2011

An inspiring braid

So Carly Cristman recently uploaded a HOW TO: 2-way fishtail braid && dry shampoo tutorial. A view days later when I was bored in history class I decided to try it on a boys hair. Because his hair is cut evenly and mine is with lots of layers which makes it harder to try on things like this for the first time. And I could make this fishtail braid so easy, which is odd because most of the time that I try something else than a normal braid I fail big time. But this time I didn’t. so when I came home I tried it in from of a mirror in my own hair and it worked ! so the next morning I did it again before I went to school. And I got a view compliments, because I finally did something else with my hair that looked nice hihi. Normally I wear it down.
This is by the way not the first time Carly Cristman inspirited me. I do my Julia’s Fashion Minutes for over a year now. And as you could see my style went from very rocky and kind of alternative to something still with studs and all but also classy. That’s because I never fitted in with my style, somehow I always looked different. Even when I wore the same as someone else. And lots of people around me fitted in with each other. So at one point I was like I’m different so I’m not going to fit in, I’m going to stand out even more. Because I felt that if it looked a bit like someone else I was a Clone or a wannabe. But thanks to Carly Cristman I kind of stepped back from that idea because she showed me that you can look classy and rocky at the same time, without looking like everyone else. If you know what I mean. [ okay I always wore dresses and so before I knew Carly but I started wearing glittery dresses, treggings and so when I started watching her]

The outfit in the middle is mine, sorry for the horrible quality. I took this picture a half year ago. But on this picture you can see exactly how she inspirited me.
Isn’t she fabulous ?

xXx Julia

she RT this on the 14th of April : witht the comment; So sweet <3

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