Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What did I do tooday

Good question lets start with yesterday. I took a bath with the other part of my Donkey Oaty from lush.
I might be crazy for taking so many pictures of my bath and the bathbom. haha maybe that's the reason why I buy kid bathtboms.
Anywayz I put the pictures in a collage , yess it gets worse haha. No but without jokes here is the collage.
And I will also put it by my story thing.
how awesome (:
after that I did my usual things and the next morning I woke up early. So I could travel with my dad, because there is a Primark near my dads job. There are only two Primarks in my country. And they're both not close to my house. They're also quite busy because everyone wants to shop at those to small shops. That's another reason why I went so early. Almost forget to tell you that I wanted to go to Primark for Lace Socks. they don't sell them anywhere and I heard the sold them in Primark. Unfortunately they didn't, but I did buy some other nice stuff.

Two pair of tights because I got so many request about tights and heels that I really needed to update my tights collection. The pink one was only €2,- and the navy blue one was €3,- - they also sell this brand at New look where I bought my tights with lots of hearts on it.- If you want to know how I wear those tights than keep your eyes on my youtube channel !

I also bought some cheap flipflops/sandals, just because I need them when I go to the beach. I normally hate those things because my feet feel so dirty after wearing them for an hour ! But I don't want to have sand in my other shoes, so that's why.

I also bought these pink socks. Because they look a little bit like the Lace Socks I want.

And yes another pair of socks because these are soooo soft ! And cute, I normally only where my Topshop or H&M [hello kitty] socks. And I thought why not update my collection with super soft socks hihi.
- yes I will explain later why I want those Lace Socks so bad -

After the Primark I went home, which took me around two hours. Then I had drivers lessons after that I went to the hair dresser.
I wanted to keep it as long as possible. But I love layers way to much and my hairdresser had a new way of cutting hair with lots of layers but keeping it long. So I tried that, she didn't use a scissors but something else. I don't know what it's called but it kind of looks like a razor-scissor in one. Anywayz she took my death ends out. It's still very long, but now I have lots of layers YeaY. And then she curled my hair for me, here are some silly pictures. I know I know it looks kind of short but it isn't, well without curls it isn't short haha.
After I took these pictures and had a delicious salmon supper I went to my dad for Physics home work. I know I know... But anywayz that wasn't my point. Here comes the best part. The socks I really wanted the still sell one of the three[or more] colors at Urban Outfitters for €8,- . They don't sell it anywhere else. And because I went all the way to Primark for basically nothing my dad gave me two pair of those lace socks ! OMG I'm soo happy ! they're soo cute. And especially with Vans and high jeans or a skirt and and and that's also the reason why I really want them. Because If you don't wear jeans or something you can see your socks sticking out of my shoes and that's kind of ugly UNLESS you wear cute socks haha !

here is a picture of the socks, can't wait till the get delivered !

aren't they awesome?

haha speak to you next time

And don't forget how Awesome you are !
xXx Julia

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