Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ariana Grande (Cat - victorious) inspired make up tutorial

When I saw the video of Ariana Grande in which she sings express yourself/born this way. I was thinking about how natural but shinny her make up looks. So girly with pinks but still so natural. So I decided to give it a try, well a remake because I'm still not sure what colors she uses on her eyelids but I think I came close?
And to remind you on how Ariana Grande looks like, or who she is. [she plays Cat in Victorious on Nickelodeon] here is a picture of her.
So here is also the list of products I used.
I started of with Bare Study from MAC , used as a base.
It is a Soft beige with gold pearl (Frost) colour.
Then I used Sephora Colorful Duo Hot Brown Eyeshadow to darken up my eyebrow. The dark brown colour is nothing special, but using a glittery brown colour in your eyebrows always works if you want to look picture perfect ! Don't ask me why, but I read it somewhere and those beauty people where right. haha

In the crease I used Sorcery from MAC. I don't even know if they still sell it, or what the deal is with this eyeshadow. But when I asked my sister if she could buy it for me in NYC I didn't knew how much I would love this colour. It's perfect with pinks and browns. It looks a lot like the dark colour of the pink wonder woman pallet. It's kind of a browned raisin shade with a red/burgundy undertone.
I applied it with a Sigma Small Tapered Blending - E45.
Then I used as a highlight on my lid Da Bling from MAC.
Which is a pink with gold pearl colour (Veluxe Pearl) .
Then I used a simple white eye pencil in the inner corners of my eye. So my eyes look bigger.
On my waterline I used a simple black waterproof eyeliner.

For highlighter on my brow bone I use High beam from Benefit.
High Beam is a satiny pink liquid highlighter. ~ It's one of my favorite highlighters/make up products.

Then I heated up the eyelash curler a little bit, so my eyelashes curled a lot more. For that fake eyelash effect.
Then I used four different mascaras. Atomic Volume, Advanced Lash Booster, Lash Stretcher & Le waterproof from Sephora.
The liquid eyeliner I used I got with a magazine.

The blush I used is Well dressed from MAC, my favorite out of all blushes. Because with some liquid foundation the pink comes out so nice. Dark or light skin it always looks gorgeous. It's a Immaculate pink (Satin). The brush I used was just a cheap H&M Blush Brush.
On my Lips I used the limited edition lipstick Equality from MAC, which is a nude colour.
Then I used MAC Nymphette which is a golden pink colour.
And last but not least I used MAC's behave yourself sheen supreme, which is again a pink colour.
Behave yourself, Equality & Nymphette
And that was the whole look. Hope you girls like it !

Thanks for reading,
Sweet readers.
Stay Awesome
xXx Julia

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