Sunday, May 8, 2011

DIY Denim shorts

So I recently uploaded a DIY Denim shorts video to the collab channel.
This simple trick I learned from my sister, who apparently does this a lot with my dads old jeans. LOL
But to be honest if I was into shorts earlier, [yes this is probably the first time every I actually wear denim shorts] then I would have done this too. Because some shops just ask way to high prices for something so simple. And mine has a little bit of colour because my dad painted his house in this [prop more then 10 years ago LOL].

The jeans are from Levi's, don't know which line. Only thing I know is that it's from an old line because it as an stamp on the inside of the pocket.

Julias Fashion Minute: DIY Denim shorts

xXx Julia

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