Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fashion & Beauty haul

A view days ago I took a bath, and yess here are some picture of my bath AGAIN.
and this time I went pink....
And I know you know which bath bom I used.
Otherwise scroll down !
Further I bought a pants form Jane Norman in sale, it first was €30 but I got it for 15 .
I also got some nice earings from River Island, the are very girly and cute !
I actually wanted to score some dresses but every dress it tried on made me look like an elephant. So that wasn't a succes. But in the end I found a very nice dress from Vila in SALE. it first was €40 but I got it for €11. [the shops really help me safe up money for Bristol/England]
Further I bought a benefit make up set. This one already launched last year in America. Do you already know about which set I'm talking?
Yes, the Scene queen set.

A picture from closer up.
And one from the lovely mirror.

I by the way love love love this set, the colors and all. I already had the high beam, but I don't mind because that's my favorite make up product. And the blush I also got but the colour is really nice so I don't mind at all. If you want to see swatches then wait till I upload the video version of this haul !

I know I have more pictures than actually a story, but I'm pretty tired and stressed out about school, that also will be an reason why I'm going to make more or less videos ! But I won't forget you <3
So I'm going to try to keep it up !

Thanks for reading
lovely readers !
xXx Julia

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