Thursday, May 19, 2011

My sister is finally back from Roma

I have been tweeting a lot lately about how much I miss my sister,Well after 10 days Italy [with her school] she finally came back!
I was sooo happy when I heard her walk down the stairs that when I saw her, I accidentally stood on her foot to hug her, hihi. sorry sis.
Anywayz she was soo sweet to buy me some awesome presents !
And I kind of wanted to share it with you, so here are some pictures.
She first gave me a bag of chips/crisps, that they only sell in Italy. [Well I haven't seen it anywhere els]
This really remind me of the time I went to Roma with my mom and sister. I was 12/13 years old I think. But I loved these chips not only because they taste good but also because of the potato. I remember they also put these keychains shaped like the potate in the bag of chips. I loved those keychains I remember saving them, but now I don't really know where they went haha.
I especially loved the keychains because they had funny facial expressions. Anywayz next item is also something I love and missed because I never went back to italy, after Roma & Venice.
Are these very very very nice chocolates, they are so deliciouse. That's probably the reason why they're called Bacetti which is italian for Kisses. They also come with a sentence with each chocolate.
This is the first one I got. I'm very curious which sentence I get next time ! "It is time for reflection"
Kind of what I'm doing my whole life long, reflecting my behavoir. Only I sometimes forget it in stress situations, which makes the stress period only worse. Because with stress a lot of adrenalin comes free in your body. And during that process your body takes control instead of your mind. And after the adrenalin boost your suppost to reflect your action so your mind gets back the control of your body. If you don't reflect, you keep on going in the stress position which is really bad. [ you know the feeling that you have to do a lot of work a whole day long, like someone walks behind you to push you to work or something] And I have that sometimes so this advice/sentence is sooo true ! haha
But know back to the presents before this is becoming a biology/psychologist class.
The last thing she gave me was this gorgeous ring ! A rose with lots of very nice stones.
I probably didn't really tell her, but I love it. It's so beautifull, I actually don't have words for this. Because this is something that really fits me right now. I'm actually looking for shiny/sparkelly but modest things. Because it really goes well with sequins and lace. And this is a nice example of sparkelly but modest.

Well this was it for now !

Thanks for reading
Sweet readers,
xXx Julia

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