Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The perfect summer nails

The look I'm going to show you today, you probably know already.
Not only because it's probably the most discussed nail polish this season, but also because I have worn it before.
Here is a picture to refresh your memorie.
In Pink, on my nails I have a base coat, Japanese rose garden, black shatter [ofcourse !] and a top coat from OPI. I have also done this with a lighter pink and red.
Online I have seen this look with all kinds of basic colors.
But when I bought a golden nail polish yesterday I thought by myself, why not use black shatter on top of it !
And the look was gorgeous !
Here are some pictures.
As you can see I'm not a perfectionist, and to be honest I hated painting my nails. Until I discovered this nail polish. Why? Well it looks like you spend hours on your nails when you didn't !
If you only knew how much compliments I get on these kind of nails you would go nuts.
Anywayz I love love love black shatter and I'm planning to go creative with this by using differend kind of colors underneed it. Because you know this golden look really gives this Sophisticated but summery feeling to your nails. So what will darker colors do? A nice winter look?

So before I go,
If you have black shatter then let me know which nail polish you use underneed it !
I would love to know that !
And before I forget it, the golden nail polish I used is from essence in gold rush [ for only €1,29]

Stay awesome
sweet readers !
xXx Julia

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