Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solar system, shopping & paintings

I know that I haven't wrote a blog in a very long time... Sort of.
But I kind of want to update you about what I bought.
At first I bought a new microphone for when I make videos and I want to do a voice over. 
I love what I does to my voice. And the way it records !
It's very easy to use. Short but exactly how I feel. & it wasn't expensice at all !

Then I also got a lamp, it wasn't an expensive one but it does the job. I can't wait to use it !
I hope my lighting will be better. Because I'm not always happy with my lighting, and some people apparently have [very] dark computer screens. Because sometimes I get messages that it looks too dark... Anywayz problem solved.[even though my computer screen is dark too because I get headaches from it and it looks fine to me, well not that horrorable as they say it looks. but there is always room for improve ment]

And something else new in my room is this solar system. I have it for a really long time, but I lost it during the reconstruction of my bedroom.  And now I found it back so O violĂ  !
I also have been painting a lot lately. Nothing really special, but somehow DA wouldn't allow me to upload it. So I thought why not share it here. The one with the robot I thought of during physics class. And the darker one I made because I was playing with the colors white & black.
I also painted one with hearts, and paper hearts. I don't know how to explain it but as soon as I finished it I will show a picture of it !

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Well that was my little update.
Thanks for reading lovely readers !
xXx Julia

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