Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY how to make a two colors bow [easy]

Honestly I'm not going to do a whole blog explaining the same things as I did in my video. Because I'm going to do a DIY on how I'm going to make some boring shoes nicer!
& that's going to be a very very explained and with lots of pictures on this blog, so be prepared !
But for now just some pictures. And I also put a lot of work in the beginning of the video, so let me know if you liked it or?
And if you like the colour combination of the bow, I did but that's just me haha
And I'm also wondering if you liked it so much that you want to see how to make a clip bow or a headband bow? this one is easy but the other ones are a lot harder to do so prepare yourself if you say yes haha
The nail polish was optional, and everything else you need for this bow is:
~ Scissors
~ Lighter
~ Ribbon [ colors are your choice !]
~ clear nail polish [optional]
I know this blog wasn't serious and full with information because I feel that my video is clear enough.
But if you still have questions then just ask me ! You're always welcome .
& keep your eyes out for my next blog post which will be a DIY & also a very serieous one to !

Thanks for reading,
Stay awesome sweet readers
xXx Julia

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