Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nail art: Black nails with sequins

I Thought lets try something new, Something Black and classy but with sequins.
I'm not a professional nail artist, I normally hate doing my nails.
Especially the waiting to dry part,
But these were just worth it !
Nail Polish:
Opi: Lady in Black
Opi: top coat
Sephora: nail Strengthener [used as base]
The sequins I got from a random craft shop.
[one that also sells cupcake stuff and DIY card tings]
Because apparently little children don't like to use little sequins anymore !
I could NOT find it in toys stores, where I use to buy it when I was little....
Now they sell these crappy big ones you don't have to glue
because they're basically stickers.... Only diamond like.
To big for the nails, but good for my sociology [?] poster,
for a presentation I have to do as exam.
I wanted glitters because it thought it was cool gheghe
Only my teacher was like what the .... No why?????
Now I use the glitters of his little daughter [ his idea]
how cute (:
But Diamond shaped like sequinsss =0
haha this is so not about the nails anymore.

Anywayz thanks for reading lovely readers !
Stay Awesome,
And send me a picture if you tried it
or leave a message if you have an cooler idea !

xXx Julia

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