Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pet peeves: things that annoy me in general.

To make it clear, I'm not a mean girl who just bitches on everyone.
But lately I have been really stressed, and somethings just annoy me.
And because I wanted to do a vlog & also try somethings new
-not only with the lighting-
I thought lets make a pet peeve video, in which I tell irritations some girls recognize.
Just to try out and see what you think of it.
& to share my opinion.
With this video I don't try to say that I'm perfect or anything, it's just sharing my thoughts ;]

And because this is the first time ever I say in a video [or dedicate a whole video]  my thoughts and stuff in a negative way, it's kind of scary because you never know how people react !

So I hope you take it the good way, and don't take it too serieous (:

Things I talk about:
- Girls that do there make up weird.
I ment more in reallife how they  critize other peoples make up, when they can't even do there own make up right. But on youtube there are also some people who do that.
- Girls that wear the same clothes.
I think it's fine when people see something that they like to buy it, and maybe wear it the same way. But not like a whole outfit, it's just like so annoying. [my opinion]
- People who like to be in the attention.
This was also in general. I did give an example, that wasn't the worst. I saw a lot worse around me , from people just making up lies to people who just start screaming and crying because they're not they centre of the attention anymore. and people who start to ignore everyone because they hate them for not being a 'fan'.
- Youtube, thumbs down and rude comments.
Just in general, just what I think of it. That's lame, but also a compliment in a way. Because there are also people who just dislike it because they're jealous.

Let me know what your opinion is about this all, and also if you want to know my opinion about more stuff ;]

Stay Awesome
xXx Julia

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