Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sales Haul: New look and H&M

Hawdieho !

Yesterday I went to the stores to look for nice stuff, And guess what?
There was this big sale in almost every store ! - expect for Pull&Bear 'sadfacee' -
And this is what I scored:

These shoes are from New look and they were only €9. And I bought them to go with my lace socks from Urban Outfitters.
This ring I got from New look to, it was only €2,50. Only It's a shame that I forgot that rings have sizes to because I bought it in size M and normally S is even to big. haha oh well, it still looks cute!

This dress I bought at H&M for only €10. On the online store they say it's €12,50 so I got it even cheaper. haha
This Metallic gold legging I got from H&M to. It wasn't on sale but when I saw it I was like, I'm just going to buy it. Because when gold leggings were in style I never got one. And now I feel stupid because gold leggings look cute with white dresses/tops. So that's the reason why. I got it in size 34 and it cost like €12,50.

I wear some of the items in my new Julias Fashion Minute, that I just uploaded to the collab channel.
Just click if you want to watch it !

Thanks for Reading !
xXx Julia

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