Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Review

So a view hours ago I bought this curling iron & I have been very interested in this kind of iron for a very long time. But I had a -no heath use- for over a half year & didn't want to start using heath on my hair again. But the thing is with extensions u keep it better brushed trough when you use an iron, because u section the hair every day ! [if you don't brush it very good, you can get really bad tangles]
& I had some pretty bad tangles in my hair, within 3 months [which isn't good]
So to make a long story short, I want to start curling my hair again with an iron.
& I choose this one because you can create different kind of curls because of the cone shape.
& this iron was only 25 euros, I actually wanted the one from babyliss because that's the brand I usually use but that one was 50 euros and they don't sell that one everywhere.

So far I love to use this one because the iron gets very quickly to the temperature you choose.
And it's easy to use. It comes with a glove & transport bag.
And the curls stay in pretty long, you can even brush them trough.
Normally I would lose my curl very quickly or I have to wait till it's cooled down
before I can brush it through.

In other words; Totally worth the money.
Also because it isn't expensive I wouldn't mind if it breaks within a year.
But as I can see from the quality so far, it probably won't !

hope you liked this review,
Thanks for reading,
& don't forget to stay Awesome,
xXx Julia

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