Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to school: How I prepare for school & random awesome school stuff

In this video I show you the stuff I got as preparation before school started.
Just as inspiration or fun to show you.
I also showed my periodic table poster (  <----the awesome pink one )

&& just in case someone wanted to know where I got it here is the
I'm not sponsored or whatever because my dad gave me this one. [u also have it in other colors]

My case, erasers, memo stickers, pencils & pen I got from a brand that's called paperchase.
My lunchbox is also from paperchase but from the babble & sweet collection.
My Eco-pen with Julie's on & my I love sharks pencil I got from blue reef aquarium in Bristol.
The two coloured pen I got from Stabilo Trio Scrilli collection [or something]
The Funny memo stickers I got from the american book store & is from a brand called worldwide co.

The Juicy couture bag I of course got from  [ I hate costums, they're not the same as taxes, input costs & VAT <- I forgot that when I orderder] further I LOVE the bag <3 !
& My Hello kitty bag I got from harrods on the hello kitty section.

&& That's probably everything I mentioned in this new video.

Thanks for reading,
my list of where I bought what.
xXx Julia

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