Friday, August 12, 2011

Neutrogena Pink grapefruit visibly clear ; Review

Hello Sweethearts,
Like a month ago I started using the Neutrogena visibly clear [Pink grapefruit] Facial wash & Dialy scrub.
By just smelling it I was in love, but I also noticed over the weeks that it is great for my skin.
Normally I only take care of my skin with a normal scrub & the vanishing cream from Lush. Because every other product gives me a break out. Even though I have to admit that I also got break outs from these products in the beginning. But more the kind of throwing out all the dirty in my skin break outs, because after those break outs are gone I always have a very nice clean skin with no acne at all.
The reason I still have some small 'break outs' is because once a week I don't use neutrogena but the garnier pure active exfobrusher. I do this because that product cleans up your skin really deep & I don't want to over use one product. But that's kind of the downside of these products, by Neutrogena,  because when you skip a day the next day after using it again I always have some acne.

The back of both neutrogena products say the exact same thing: that you should use it in the morning AND the evening. 
[which I think is annoying because most of the time products tell you which other products you should buy and in which order to use them for the best result]
But because I have very sensitive skin I didn't want to use it twice a day.
Only one morning, when I woke up, I had this really big and painfull spot on my face and I was like why not try neutrogena also in the morning. That was when I discovered that it's really good to use in the morning. Besides the fact that my spot shrank, Neutrogena also took the redness away & made my skin feel smooth and nice looking. [ I didn't have to use foundation]
Only my skin felt really tight and a little bit dry. [because I didn't use a cream or some sort.]
And that's when I decided to ask my sister to also buy me the cream wash.
[my sister was still in the UK and they don't sell neutrogena in my country]
So when I got the cream wash I noticed that the directions of using this product are the exact same as on the facial wash & the daily scrub.
But I was actually really suprised when I used the cream wash.
First it heathed up a little, especially on certain areas of my face. But after I washed it off, my skin felt really soft and not tight at all. So I was really glad that I got the cream wash to. Especially for the mornings, I always hate to use a cream in the morning because it makes my face feel sticky.

My skin has really improved since I use these products. Which is kind of special because I have a very sensitive skin and most products give me huge break outs. & besides that Neutrogena isn't expensive at all !

Now a days I use in the evening:
after taking of my make up -> the facial wash -> Dialy scrub -> Cream wash -> Vanishing cream [Lush]
And in the morning:
[when I have a lot of redness or just nothing special:]
Dialy scrub -> Cream wash [ -> make up]
[when I have some acne that feels painfull:]
Facial wash -> Cream wash [ -> make up]

I believe this is everything I can say about the products I use from Neutrogena.
Besides if you have trouble with scrubs because most of them are to harsh on your skin, than I should definitely try the dialy scrub. It's really soft and it barely feels like a scrub, but it does scrub your face if you know what I mean.

&& also if you love the pink grapefruit smell in your bathroom I recommend to try the body shops pink grapefruit bodywash. [or the one from neutrogena that I have never tried]

All pink & lovelyness in my bathroom.

Well this was my very long review,
Thanks for reading !
If you have questions you can just asked them
& stay awesome
xXx Julia

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