Monday, September 5, 2011

Instant Nail Effects - Crackle Review (compared to OPI)

On saterday I got a package from Amazon with my two Barry M nail Crackles in the colors Blue Print & Pink Fizz.
I choose this brand & these colors because OPI doesn't sell a pink shatter.
Also I always wanted to try another brand to see how those work.
This one is probably the cheapest from them all !
One Nail polish is like 3 to 4 Pounds (-> OPI sells them for 11 euro or more)

First things first, the nail polish bottle looks okay.
The size is really nice because it isn't that big & it doesn't take a lot of space
[like the OPI bottles do]
Further [& this I really love] there are directions on how to use this nailpolish
on the bottle. In 3 simple steps.
Which is really handy because I remember the first time that I used the shatter nail polish
from OPI & I didn't know where to start or what to do with it. [besides putting it on another colour]
& it would have been a lot easier if I had these steps back then.

Than the nail polish it self isn't that bad at all !
I didn't really know what to expect when I ordered it but I'm really satisfied with the nail polish.
Normally I have trouble with not brand nail polishes because they take a long time to dry
they chip really fast & they don't really look that good on your nails.
But this nailpolish is a completely different story.
It's really nice, it stays on pretty long & it looks really good !
nail on the left: Opi - sparrow me the drama & blue print
middle finger: Opi - no room for the blues & pink fizz
Also applying the nail polish is pretty good, in some ways even better then with the shatter from Opi.
It doesn't dry as quick as the shatter does which means you can easly apply more layers then with the shatter. Also you have more time to apply the nail polish. It's also not that thick as the shatter is [on your nails]. & it doesn't take that much from the colour underneed to crack up [the shatter from OPI does ! but they both need a colour underneed to crack up so no differents there]

I even tried to apply the to crackles on top of eachother and it worked ! But I would recommend to put a top coat on the first layer before applying the next colour.

In general I really love this nail polish, it's good quility & you can probably create some different & awesome nail looks with it [which you can't get with the shatter from OPI] .
I would deff recommend this nail polish & not only for people who haven't tried the OPI shatters yet!

Soon -> OPI white shatter review

Thanks for reading,
stay Awesome!
xXx Julia

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