Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Haul: H&M, Lush, Accessorize, L'oreal & Only

Yesterday I went to the stores, with the idea of not buying a lot, actually I only wanted to buy Rainbow connection from OPI. But it wasn't for sale yet. So I took a look in the other stores. I eventually ended up with buying a lot more things than I had planned, haha. Necessary stuff, because this winter is going to be very cold.
So I got some Crochet Flower Patchwork Cut Off Gloves at Accessorize ( €18,95) & the Irregular Crystal Long Pendant Necklace(€15,95). The last one I wanted to buy for a long time. it's gorgeous with a lot of outfits because it's simple but shinny.
I also bought the Simone Cable 3/4 knit dress for €16,- instead of €21,95. I will show you how it looks in my new fashion minute. With my new leggings that I scored at H&M, they're in the same pattren as my favorite scarf, I bought them for €19,95. I also went to the Bijenkorf (something simaliar as Harrods or Selfridge.) And I bought a bow tie that went well with my pink blazer, I do not like to wear my red bow tie with pink, but because I wear a lot of pink I was like why not buy another bow tie. Unfortantely this bow is a bit smaller than my red one ( €13,95). I also went to lush to get some relaxing bubble bars, I really wanted to try the Magic wand (€8,95) because you can use that one more than twice. And I went for the French kiss( €5,95) again because I love the lavendel odor. And the gingerbread house ( I know it's not on the picture -> €5,50) but it looks super cute, I bought the same a year ago for my sister around christmas and she loved it.
And last but not least I aslo bought a drugstore foundation, true match L'oreal in Ivory rose(€13,95).  Because I needed a new light foundation, since the winter is coming up. So far I loved it without a base, but I'm going to try it with my NARS base instead of my Sephora base. Because I don't really like wearing foundation without a base, gives me breakouts.

That was it for now,
Thanks for reading,
xXx Julia

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