Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall / winter haul !

 I went on a little shopping spree and I thought why not share it. And that's why it's haul time !
On my blog, normally I would film this but I don't know... anywayz you will see most of the stuff in my fashion videos so don't worry.

Brown tanktop: H&M ~ size: 34 - €4,95
I'm planning on wearing this top underneed my black lace shirt, for a real fall feeling.
Black Lace top: H&M ~ size: 34 - €14,95
I have been looking at this top for a long long time.
Blue sequin top: Vila ~ size: M - €21,95
I know that I already own this one in pink, but I just love it, so combortable but fabulous !
Zebra/Girrafe printed tights: H&M ~ size: S - €9,95
I really needed new printed tights, don't ask why. Also I have been thinking about buying this pair for over a month.
BC hairtherapy Repair Rescue conditionair spray.
For fabulous hair in these cold and harsh days.
White dress: Topshop ~ size: 38 - £7,-
It was on sale, it went from £32 all the way down to £7 a day later it was £5 but I already ordered the dress.
Nail polish: MAC Immortal gold ~ €12.50
I love this gold, I actually have been looking for a silver nail polish for a while. But this gold is even awesomer ! the lavender colored nail polish is Cyclone from topshop.

Cream fluffy snood: Topshop ~ £12
 Velour legging with zipper: H&M ~ size: 36 colour brown
Brown velour legging: H&M ~ size: 36 - €14,95

I also bought another tregging with the zipper on the side, in the colour light brown, but I couldn't find the picture on H& anymore... Just as with the legging with the zipper on the front, H&M has this ways of not showing everything they sell on there website, which is really annoying.
But don't worry I will probably show everything, in time, in one of my Julia's Fashion Minutes !

Thanks for reading my blog,
hope you enjoyed it
xXx Julia

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