Sunday, October 16, 2011

My awesome saturday: Movie park Germany

Because I loved to write my awesome Sunday story from last week I decided to write an awesome Saturday story, about yesterday. So basically what I did yesterday was going to Movie park Germany with my family. First we had to wake up early and drive to Germany. Which took a while, so we had breakfast somewhere in a roadhouse.
When we arrived we directly went to nickland, which was really awesome except for the part where my sister wanted to go in Dora’s big river adventure. Because the rest of the day was like a really cold day for me. My hair, face & jacket were soaking wet. But we now have a pretty cool picture. And also to my sisters saying I never fail to amuse her because it was really funny.

<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
I removed my family from this picture because of privicy reasons.

 After that we went in  Jimmy Neutron’s atomic flyer, a rollercoaster with hanging seats. & Shreks 4D movie, which was so awesome, at one point it really felt like a ton of spiders were climbing up my legs. The only down side of this movie was that it was in German and I don’t speak one word of German.  Well I understood like 10 words…. New record? Haha. Then we went into a bunge of different attractions. And at one point we went into something that was called Ghost Chaser, a rollercoaster that looked really smooth and not that fast. But once we were in this thing we couldn’t stop screaming.
<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
look at my face, hihi

After the rollercoaster I went looking for Jimmy Neutron, Patrick & Spongebob because I saw them walking by when I was standing in line for the rollercoaster. But they were already gone. So we went to eat a burger. And not any burger, but a Shrimp burger. I have never tasted something so good ! Okay I probably have, but it was indescribably delicious. Then we went into some other attractions like the big wheel.

That was when the scary music started to play. When we went to get cotton candy we saw all these dressed up/make-upped horror kind of people. Like it was Halloween, zombies and vampires. Even Van Helsing.  Which in the beginning was pretty cool because it was done in a way that it looked real also with fog and scary music. And it was pretty funny to because my sister was scared and she screamed and hide behind me every time she saw one of them walking by. But at one point it wasn’t funny anymore because she was really scared and they were kind of everywhere. So we went into a restaurant to eat some pizza. After that we kind of hide in nickland. At one point we decided to go home because it was already late and not much to do because those ‘monsters’  were everywhere. So we went home, after an awesome day !
xXx Julia

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