Sunday, October 9, 2011

My awesome sunday; meeting Philip Defranco & more

I have this blog for a long time but I always do fashion, beauty or review stories. But I never did a diary kind of story. So today I decided that I want to tell about my day, for the first time ever. Because I feel like this is one of those days I never want to forget. I don’t really care if people read it or not, it’s actually more for me than for other people. But I still want to share it. So if you want to read this, than go ahead.

Today is Sunday October 9, 2011 the day I met Philip Defranco. Haha it starts out like a stalker story. No but for real most Sundays I do homework or I go shopping. But today I just started out with breakfast with the family. Than my dad picked me up, my parents are divorced, to go to Amsterdam to meet Philip Defranco. I was kind of nervous because I have been watching his videos for over a half year now. Every morning before I go to school.  But now today, I was going to see him for real. Still sounds like a stalker story, hope that changes haha.  When I arrived there were already a lot of people.

The moment Philip arrived was insane everyone run up to him. I had to wait in a circle around him for over an hour. It was a lot of pushing and waiting to come close. When I finally was close enough, that there was only one girl between him and me, I felt really nervous. He looked at me, and as soon as he had taken his picture with the girl in front of me he started talking to me. I didn’t know what to say I was so nervous. I just shook his hand and said hi. He asked my name I replied. I also told him I was really nervous and he replied something like you shouldn’t. He was really down to earth and calm that was really nice, because I was really nervous. Than my dad took a picture which was really awesome. After that I asked Philip to sign my shoe so he did. When he bent over to sign my shoe, even though I’m very limber I couldn’t get my foot that high, people started to whisper and wondering where Philip went, According to my dad haha. As soon as I came home I put a coat on top the signature so it wouldn’t fade away. Was kind of scared that it wouldn’t stay haha.

So after he signed my shoe I said that’s awesome. And he was like: ‘it’s[or it was] really nice to meet you. And I smiled and left. An hour later I could still feel my heart go nuts. I still can’t believe it. After I talked to Phil I went with my dad & my sister to the Hard Rock Café to eat. Because I was starving, my back was hurting from standing so long. And I was also really tired. I kind of wish I could stay longer but at the same time I was also happy to sit and eat something. At the hard rock café I ordered nachos and a big cheeseburger.

lol at my smile

And yeah, that was kind of my day I’m now sitting at home writing this blog, really exhausted. And I’m going to watch an episode of Vampire Diaries. And preparing for school, because next week is going to be insane ! Wish me luck and I hope you liked this kind of blog, because if you do I will make more. And not only about meeting people but just my day.

xXx Julia

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