Saturday, October 1, 2011

My fall predictions.

My fall predictions.

I first wanted to make a list with things I think that are going to be in style this fall. But because my fashion ‘sense’** doesn’t work that way I had to think of something else. So I’m going to call it my fall predictions. I know there were runways full of models showing autumn fashion in spring, or even earlier. But runway fashion isn’t always the style you see on the streets, or in the stores.  So I’m just going to give this a shot, and I know some things are going to be so basic. So never out of style but hé better sure than sorry.

First the really basic stuff; basic black is always in style, with basic black I mean taking black as the basic of your outfit and then just layering on top of it, with lace or colorful pieces. Layering is just as in style as basic blacks, you can never go wrong with it.  Also colors as brown, greenish brown, pink and white are also very important this season.

Leggings, Formal trousers & Jeans are also needed this season.

For accessories I would say hooded scarves, normal scarves, a snood or any kind of scarf is awesome. Especially because they go with every outfit ! Besides a scarf I also see a lot of red details, with that I mean a red headband, a red belt, red shoes, red ring, just one small red thing that stands out.

Shoes depends on where you live, the weather and your style. I'm going for grey 'formal' vans and my gold sandals, for as long as the weather lets me wear those.

This probably doesn’t cover anything, but I don’t want to get specific. If you want to know what I’m wearing during fall and winter than go and check out my Julia’s fashion minute, during the season.  
this is what I put together in the H&M fittingrooms online.
Some pieces I will be looking for the next view weeks is a pink blazer,  lots of lace, cute white dresses/tops, a white snood, cute red details and lots of sparks [sequins].
Thanks for reading,
Maybe I will get more specific during fall about the trends.
But for now, nothing is set in stone yet.
xXx Julia

** my Fashion 'sense' works like this, I wake up in the morning with an idea in my head of what I want to wear, an outfit or a piece. If I don't own it yet I will search in every store till I find it. If I don't I wait a view weeks and it will be in store because it's in style, most of the time. If it isn't I will probably forget the outfit or piece very soon. If I did find it in the store, it takes most of the time a couple of weeks or a month and the store will be full of it. Because it came in style. [or not]

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