Sunday, November 13, 2011

OPI, fashion & more

Lately I haven't been on my blog or youtube a lot. But I'm semi back, even though I have a lot of homework. So first things first the list of my new fashion minute:
Sweater: Zara ~ size: S
Legging: Zara ~size: 34 
Toptank underneed: Topshop ~ size: 10
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Vans
necklace: Accessorize
Watch: Jetset
Bow: Asos

Next things next. I have been into glitters for a while now and guess what a lot of brands/stores realise around the holidays? Glitters & Sparkles & Sequins. I know I got really excited when I scored a rose gold snood. But when I saw the muppets collection from OPI I went insane. I litterly went more than 3 times in one week to sephora to check of the collection had arrived yet. That was when I decided to order Rainbow connection via Which will arrive around 11-16 [ CAN'T WAIT]. And I was so glad that I ordered that one online, because it was sold out in a day. I did score Divine swine & Gone gonzo in the store. The last one for my sister, because the first thing I thought when I saw the nailpolish was; OMG that would look sooo pretty on my sister, especially with her hair colour !

And some pictures of me wearing the nail polish, underneed Divine swine [the pink glittery one] I wear Sparrow me the drama from OPI. I first thought that the smaller pink glitters in divine swine would look a lot more like the glitters in And this little piggy.. But the glitters are a lot darker that's why I bought the colour Shorts story. Because you need a dark colour underneed the glitter layer, one that you don't have to layer to much otherwise your nail polish will chip of too soon. And Sparrow me the drama is a really light semi see through colour, that needs more than one layer. And I hope Shorts story isn't too bright. [as you can see in the picture with the heart on it Sparrow me the drama is a lot lighter than shorts story, bottom nailpolish bottle]. Also my sister wears Gone gonzo with the colour No room for the blues, which is the exact same colour blue as the glitters in gone gonzo. Anywayz I totally LOVE it ! only down side is that it takes a long time to put on correctly and it takes even longer to remove it from your nails !

And last but not least my new water bottle is SUPER cute. And I'm like soo in love with it, it keeps the water warm for more than 12 hours. And than the real last thing I'm really excited about it my up coming birthday party [from 10 to 11 december]. A masked ball && I already scored the mask & the dress. I can't wait till I'm going to film the preparation video and I can show you my dress.
And that was probably it for this week, except me also making a collage on my math homework book. I post the picture on twitter click here if you want to see it, hihi lazyyyy !
That was it for now,
xXx Julia

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