Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend: Winter Fair, New Look, H&M, OPI & Paper chase

So this weekend was Shopping, shopping && Shopping. Even though I didn't really buy that much [as you can see on the picture above]. On saturday I went to the mall with my dad and I bought a hand stitched journal [right]. Because I have been having nightmares the past month, every single night. And my sleep psychologist ask me to keep a journal so she could help me with it. So I was like why not buy a cute one. I also bought a vest, in the picture I show a brown one but for real I bought the white one with gold sequins. Yeay so happy. Also I bought a pair of low black glitter heels from New look. And I can actually walk on them haha ! And they are pretty too. And Last but not least my OPI rainbow connection nailpolish finally arrived ! So excited, it's like super pretty.
And on sunday I went to a Winter fair with my mom. And what we basically did was look around, try things tast/try free food & see a lot of lovely christmas stuff. Also we bought a lot of food that you can't really buy in the stores, or not as cheap and fresh as. And I also bought a pair of thick white treggings & a very long snood [ middle down]. In the picture it looks a lot more brown/lavender-like. But for real it's more a pink-lavender colour, it kind of depends on the lights. & that was basically it. I know it's a very short story but I'm very tired, also I haven't had the time to do my homework & tomorrow is another school day. So this was kind of a quick update.

Lady in black & Rainbow connection ~ OPI

Miss you,
hope to upload a video anytime soon.
xXx Julia

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