Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All that glitters does shine,- OPI and Essence

So as you know I love love LOVE glitters & sparkles & sequins & so on.
Very girly of me gheghe.
But since I don't know... A month or so a lot of brands/stores sell a lot of glitters/sequins. And as you know, if you saw my videos, I have been buying a lot of clothes with sequins/glitters on them.
But what about my nails?!?!
Well since the OPI muppet collection I have been covering my nails with glitters too.
&& than I saw that Essence sells glitter nailpolishes too, one is almost the same as Rainbow connection, and there collection is for a lot longer in the stores than the muppets had been, or have been? Especially Rainbow conenction, that one was sold out in a day. But I have it anyway. I also discovered that Essence sells nail polishes bases with a color. Which I think is the best idea ever, because if you use a OPI nail polish like lady in black underneed a glitter nailpolish from OPI it will chip off so soon !
It's like super unfair! [unless you put on like one very tiny layer of nailpolish, which I did eventually.]
So I kind of started wearing Essence nailpolish with OPI nailpolish.
& here are some mitches and matches I made.

In this photo I'm wearing Romeo from essence [the grey color] with Julia [the sparkles] and on the end of my nails I wear Rainbow connecton from OPI. which kind of gives a french manicure effect but than with glitters.

Same nails, different picture from another angle.

In this picture I'm wearing Sparrow me the drama from OPI with on tip of my nail a tiny layer of Divine swine from OPI and on the whole nail the nailpolish Julia from Essence.

Other glitter combinations I have made:
  • Sparrow me the drama with Divine shine [both OPI]
  • Sparrow me the drama with And this little piggy.. [both OPI]
  • Lady in black with Rainbow connection [both OPI]
  • shorts story with Divine swine [both OPI]
  • No room for the blues with Gone Gonzo ! [both OPI]
  • No room for the blues with Make it golden [OPI & Essence]
  • Romeo with Rainbow connection [Essence & OPI]
  • Sparrow me the drama with Make it golden [ OPI & Essence]
If anyone ever tried a shatter and a glitter nail polish than let me know, because I really want to know
if it looks awesome. [was an idea of a friend of mine]

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Are you also twinkling as hard as I do, from so far?
 xXx Julia

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