Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MAC dazzlesphere! petite nail lacquer ornament

Merry almost Christmas,
As you know I have been adoring nail polish a little to much lately. If you follow me on twitter you read that 90% of Christmas wish list are nail polishes. So was my birthday wish list. And  so my sweet little sister gave me the MAC dazzlesphere. Which is so lovely !
Isn't it gorgeous, also talking about the pictures that I took with my new phone.
And as you know me you know that I want to wear my nail polishes as soon as possible. So I made a combination between two colors which gave an excellent new colour.
I first applied a layer of Style tip. The colour looks like you need a lot of nail polish before you can see the colour on your nail, but that's not true. Even with a really thin layer you get enough colour on your nails. Which is to me a bit of a suprise but also awesome because with OPI sparrow me the drama [also a light pinkisch colour] I need a lot more than with this colour.
Than I put a layer of Much adored on top of the Style tip, which gives a pearl effect.

And than I put on some of my nails flexible nail stickers. From an unknown brand called Kiss. I also got these stickers for my birthday from my BFF. At first I thought they were hard to apply but they're actually easier than applying a shatter ! And on top of that all I apply my regular Top coat [Start to finish, base and topcoat - from OPI]
And o violĂ  you have the perfect natural but shinney nails for the days before christmas.

Also as you can tell from the focus and quality from the camera of my mobile phone, it's really good and so good that I'm probably going to do nail tutorials with it. [blog tutorials]
If you have request or want to know more about these nail polishes than just ask or tweet me -winks very sweet at you-

Thanks for reading !
Au revoir
xXx Julia

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