Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nail tutorial: Simple sparkles

Today I decided to do a nail tutorial inspirated by Chantelle.
I begin with clean nails.
Than I apply a thin layer of Royal flush blush from OPI. Which I got for christmas from my grandparents. I take the time to make sure my nails are dry before I go to the next step.
I take a part of a sponge and a paper on which I put a little bit of the nail polish Romeo from Essence. I pat my sponge in it and pat a little bit on the tips of my nails. I do the same with the metallic colour Your majesty from Rimmel.
Your Majesty is the nail polish on the right. When it's dry I apply a thiny line of Julia from Essence on the tip of my nails. Julia is the nail polish on the left.

And this is the end result, it's really simple and looks really glam to me. If you want to see the video that inspired me than Click here.

See you soon,
xXx Julia

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