Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BeautyBay.com Review

Today I'm going to write a review about a company, instead of a product. I'm not sponsored or something, it's just I'm quite happy with the delivery and all. So why not share it !
The company is called Beautbay.com & I bet most of you have already seen the ads on blogs or on youtube or something.
I believe I found the ad on Chantelle her blog, not sure though.
But anywayz I was looking at the website and when amazon accidentally messed up my ordered [and did give back my money and a free product, amazon has an amazing service] I was like why not try a new company.
So I ordered Save me & It's my year from OPI on beautybay.com.
First thing I noticed on the website is that they always have some good deal,
like the january sale, if you ordered three OPI products you got three free mini OPI nail polishes for free.
Or if you order three Essie products you get a topcoat and a base coat for free.
Also you can sign up for a 'weekly' email with discount codes.
And what I also love is that you can decide if you want euro, dollar or pound.
They have basically every product or brand & most of the collections.

It also didn't take long and my package was already delivered, within a week.
I totally loved how it looked, it was very nice.
So if you decided to order or buy a nail polish [or something else], why not try this company for once?

Hoped you liked this little review,
&& I will see you soon with more -wink-
xXx Julia

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