Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Essie Bangle Jangle & Cocktail Bling

So almost a week ago I bought these two gorgeous colors. These are actually my first Essie nail polishes, they don't really sell it in a store close to me. But they were totally worth traveling for !
These colors aren't only gorgeous they're also very easy to apply and don't chip as fast as most nail polishes do !

In the second picture I wear Cocktail Bling on my four nails and Bangle Jangle on my ring finger. I'm also holding Banlge Jangle.
& in this picture I'm wearing Banlge Jangle, and on my ring finger Cocktail Bling. I'm also holding Cocktail bling.
I know that these are from the winter collection, but to be honest I would wear these kind of colors during the spring or summer, because they're quite soft.

They started to chip a little after 4/5 days, which isn't fast. One of my favourite nail polishes chips within a day.  But I did use OPIs Chipskip underneed this nail polish.

Well that was it for today,
Thanks for reading,
xXx Julia

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