Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haul !!!!!

I know very original, not really, couldn't find the right name to discripe it. And I didn't want to call it another update, so yeah.
The first picture, in this collega, is my new noodles bowl. I totally love it ! If you want to see a better picture just press on the picture -winks-.
I also bought some noodles to go with it, the picture bottom right.
And than I went to Sephora, because my mom saw someone working there wearing gorgeous glitter eyeliner. And she was like: 'That's soo you! you should take a look, it was soo pretty ! it's from something called; Urban Decay'
But when I was at Sephora I looked at Urban Decay and I didn't have a clue which eyeliner my mom had seen. And the lady from too faced was so nice ! And she recommend this eyeliner, and when she swatchsed the pink eyeliner I was sold, I actually wanted the dark gold one, but this one was so pretty !
It's called Mad Mad Love, totally get why haha. And when I bought that eyeliner I got a primer as gift !
Which is so generous because there primers aren't cheap.
And I finally got new candle holder, probably the smallest picture in the whole collega. But my dad gave me such a pretty glitter candles that I really wanted new candle holders for them haha.
I also bought a new lace top but I will show that one in my new video soon.
And I also bought, a week ago, in sale a new dress [the one of the left] and for christmas I got another dress that I haven't showed yet [on the right].
And I ordered on the Essie nail polish called A cut above and OPI nail polish called: Save me. gheghehghe Nail polish obsession !

And this was my quick blog,
See you soon with a video
xXx Julia

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