Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nails, Nails & more Nails?

So to begin with the beginning of this update, tutorial & storage of nail polish.
I was looking for a while for a new way of storaging my nail polish. Couldn't find something good and affordable. Untill my sister walked in this morning with a empty Juicy couture perfume box. Enough space to even expand my collection.
 As you can see. I now also have more room to put other things on my dressing table, like the Dazzlespheres from MAC. They are way to pretty to not display in there spheres, haha.
My sister also brought me Mixed metals from Topshop, yes she was in the UK for a view days. Topshop doesn't ship nail polishes to my country. So that's why I asked her to pick it up for me.
I wanted a metal nail polish from Topshop soo bad for such a long time. But when I was in the UK this summer I didn't buy it because I wasn't sure if I wanted it. And as soon as august started I hated myself for not buying it. But now I have it anywayz YEAY.
Also if you kind of know me you know I had to try it on as soon as I got it.
Which I thought was a good moment to try out the ChipSkip from OPI, I bought that one saturday.
It isn't really a nail polish but more a nail cleaner, so your nail polish will last longer. I will do a review on this very soon !
But back to using my nail polishes. I first applied ChipSkip and than Royal Flush Blush from OPI. Than I did the same thing with the sponge as last time. I first used Heart of gold. Which is gorgeous. And I first thought that the colors Topshop showed on they're website weren't the real colors, but they're !
Than I applied on top of that the colour Eyes of steel. And on the tips of my nails Rainbow connection from OPI.
And this is the result.
Hope you liked this 'little' update,
xXx Julia

btw happy birthday dad <3 !

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