Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Chipskip OPI

So after using it for, I believe, two weeks. I can finally say that I can write a review about this product.
I have to make one thing clear before I begin. This is NOT a nail polish, it's a nail cleaner that looks like a nail polish. Well the packaging does, not the liquid inside.
So i tested this product with OPI nail polish & OPI glitter nail polishes.
And with a not OPI nail polish.
In the first picture I wear ChipSkip & on top of it an OPI nail polish and on the edge of the nail Rainbow connection from OPI [A glitter polish]. This one chipped within three days. I'm not sure if it extended the life of my nail polish, as you can se on the picture they're badly chipped. Even though I didn't  went to the GYM or did something else that could chip your nails faster. I only went to dinner && did my homework.

In the second picture I wear Topshop's Eyes of steel ontop of Chipskip from OPI. This nail polish stayed on for five days without a chip ! I went to school and to the GYM and shopping. As you can see it makes a different in how many nail polishes you put on top of ChipSkip or if you use a glitter polish.
Also I have to say that I noticed that it really makes a different in how the tips of your nails are shaped and if they are even. A flat even top makes my nailpolish stay on for a whole lot longer than a round nail or an uneven nail.
Overall I give ChipSkip a 7+ because it does really extend the life of my nail polish and prevents it from chipping.

&& this was my opinion
&& review about this nail product.
xXx Julia

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