Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Essence Nail art Mysterious black

So first I wanted to write this blog about not really much, just showing my new 'nail art'. But than I saw that there aren't a lot of reviews on Essences Nail art freestyle & tip painter. [of Mysterious black] So I decided to do a review about it.
I haven't tried a lot of nail art nail polihes, to be exact this is my first one besides the shatters. I normally do my nail art with my regular nail polish and a tooth pick. But I find this one nice because it doesn't take that much preparation. You just grap the bottle and you can start.
What I do hate, and that's the exact same problem I have with the toothpick, is that if you dip it in the nail polish the not brush part also has nail polish on it. Which drips down very quick and messes up your nails if you don't pay attention. But besides that it's really nice for precise art, even if you don't  have long nails. It's really easy to work with and gives a lot of possiblities. And yes I do need some practice but that won't be a problem, haha. Overall I give it a 9+ on a scale of 0 to 10 and 10 being the highest. Especially if you concider that this nail polish is only €1,49 and not tested on animals !
Excellent for beginners and for 'professionals'. -winks-

The old pinkies nail polish I wear is from W.I.C. Herome in the colour Guatemala City.

xXx Julia

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