Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: ExpertTouch OPI

So a week ago I bought the OPI Expert Touch nailpolish remover because OPI tweeted that it would actually help to take off your glitter nailpolish a lot easier.
Normally it takes me over 15 minutes to remove my glitter nailpolishes, also because the glitters tear the cottons apart.  [ when I talk about glitter nail polishes I mean Rainbow connection and Divine swine.]
So I was like why not try it. It actually do removes your nail polish a lot quicker. But I wouldn't advice it for glitter nail polishes, they are still very hard to remove.
But the remover is excellent for removing nail polishes. I bought the big bottle because that one is cheaper.

I know a quick and little review, I actually wanted to upload a new video but I have way to much school work for that. And I'm really tired so decided to do a small blog post.
You will see a fashion Minute this week, not sure when but you will see one -winks-.
And I will write a chipskip OPI review.

xXx Julia

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