Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why I started: My youtube channel

Today I decided to do a blogpost telling you why I started my youtube channel. In one of my next blogposted titled Why I started: will talk about why I started my blog. And also give tips and tricks on how to start one.
I decided to do this so I can encourage other people.

I started my youtube channel a view years ago, in a school year with not a lot of school. So I was pretty bored. I'm not sure how I found the beauty community on youtube but I do now that I spend all of my time watching Juicystar07. And one time she had this tag video, 8 most worn things. And my back than boyfriend who also made youtube videos was like why don't you make a response video?
So that was what I did, my english wasn't that good because I hadn't have a lot of english classes back than. [ yes my english has inproved over the years! I worked hard for it since languages isn't my strenght.]
I got a view nice comments on my first youtube video ever. So I was like: 'I'm going to make more!'

And since that moment I made youtube videos.
My first video I did with my digital camera, but since I didn't had the editing software to edit it. And windows media player won't except the format I filmed for a long time with my laptop. The quality wasn't that good, and the background noise of my laptop didn't make it better.
So after a half year I bought Quicktime player pro so I could change the format of my digital camera from .mov to .avi .
And since than my subscribers number went from 100 to 1.000 I was so happy.
For my 18th birthday I asked for a camcorder and I still use that one !
And that pretty much brings us to where I am today. And I'm so glad that I made my first video, I may not be a populair youtuber but I'm a happy one, because I do what I like to do. And no matter how much hate or whatever can change that !

My tips:
  • If you like to make youtube videos or you think it would be fun, just do it! No matter what people say or how many thumbs down you get! If you like it just go for it. [ I will support you -winks-]
  • Do it the way YOU like to edit or make your videos, not how people tell you to. If they want to see it a certain way they can make there own videos.
  • And never forget it's for fun. If you have a busy week and you can't make it to film a video than just skip that week. Some people may not like it because they're waiting for your video but you can't over force yourself to do it. It wouldn't be fun that way, believe me I have been there [back in the day that I made three videos a week] and sometimes still are.
My tricks:
  • Socialise on youtube, make friends, comment and subscribe to other people. You like viewers and comments and subscribers and so do other people. Also making friends on youtube can be a lot of fun. That's how I met Chantellefashion [ she is so sweet maybe you should check her out] and also met in real life when I was in london.
  • Get inspired by your favorite youtube gurus, taking ideas from them isn't the worst idea. As long as you don't copy them.
  • Buying a good camera can be expensive but it's totally worth it, besides these days you can get a nice camera with everything. I have a HTC titan windows phone and the camera on that little cutie is unbelievable ! especially the focus. Can't read something because the letters are to small just using my HTC titan. Hahaha This sounds so sponsered but it's NOT ! But you get my point, I hope.
  • Check if your lighting is okay to film, mine wasn't so that's why I bought finally after a pretty long time an inexpensive lamp. I believe it isn't even an filming lamp, it's just bright and normally used on constructure sides but it does the job.

I have a lot more Tips and tricks, so if you want to now more leave a comment or tweet me. Maybe I will do another blogpost about youtube. And if you have tips and tricks to share also comment and tweet me, I would love to know hear them !

I hope you liked reading
the short version of my
Why I started my youtube channel post,
see you soon,
xXx Julia

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