Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beauty & Awesome stuff Haul

Today I had another shopping day. Like last week. Yeay and I kind of bought a lot. hihi
I first went to Sephora.

And I bought this suprise-bag-thing for €15.-. And in it was Bare Minerals - Try. Believe. Love. And two eyeshadows from Too faced, in the colors Lovely Dovey and Lucky Charms. I'm not sure if the eyeshadow colors are for me. [Because I already have simulair colors from other brands but I barely use them.] But I always wanted to try the Bare minerals and now I have the chance to try them out.
I also bought some nail art nail polishes from Kiss for €11.90 . These were the only colors I truely liked. The other shades are kind of neon or I would never wear it. They have a precision control brush. And they also come with guide line stickers [But I would use them with regular nail polishes because the brushes are really precise.] And rinestones. I can't wait to use them! [Nail post soon !!!!!!!]
Than I walked by this stand in the store that had lots of bottles of the brand Biosilk. And at first I was confused because I haven't seen this brand in forever. [I thought it died or something]. But than I was happy because this was my favorite hair product for a very long time. It also was 10% off €14.58 so I was like why not. I know that I have two simulair products [maybe one of biosilk, not sure, but I'm running out of that product and I always protect my hair against heath.So I really needed this one.]

Than I scored these super awesome socks at H&M for I believe €12-something. I know they're a bit 'expensive' for socks but I wanted these for two weeks. One pair is glittery/metallic grey and the other pair is neon green with glitters. I actually bought this pair because I wanted the grey one but I'm probably also going to wear the green one, someday... -winks-
And I also bought a simple black toptank for €4,95.
I also went to Paperchase and bought this awesome ice cube holder for €8.00. In the shape of UFO's which is totally awesome ! I can't wait till it's summer to use them in my lemonade - big smile-.
And last but not least I also bought this Istrike digital match stylus for €7.80. I wanted to try this for a while but wasn't sure if I was going to use it. But today I decided that I just going to buy it. The package says: 'A perfect match with Ipad, Iphone & Ipod touch.' But it doesn't work as good as they claim. It works even better on my windows phone than my Ipod touch.... haha. But the moments that it works it's really awesome to use.

See you soon,
xXx Julia

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