Saturday, March 17, 2012

Essence Nude glam nail polish : Iced Strawberry Cream

Yes, today another nude nails polish from the Essence Nude glam collection. Last time I showed Toffee to go. And today I show Iced Strawberry Cream.
Normally I don't like to wear nude nail polishes, but my sister does so I buy them for her. But this collection I do like. I tried two and they got an excellent coverage. They have 7 different colours and they're all nude, some matt and some with shine. And the bottles aren't to big so if you don't wear, like me, a lot of nude nail polishes you can easily buy this one. Also one nail polish is only €1,29 so it isn't that expensive.
And the reason why I bought this colour for myself ,and not my sister like I did the last time, is because I like soft pinkish colors. But when you buy it from a brand like OPI or MAC it's always sheer. So I was like I had a good experience with Toffee to go & it isn't that expensive so why not try this one. I really like how it's sparkly and pinkish nude but not sheer at all. [ Also Essence recommend you on the back of the nail polish bottle to apply twice for a  higher coverage, but it wasn't really necessary with this nail polish]

The only thing I would change from this nail polish is the name. I would more discripe it as a ballerina pink than a strawberry pink. But I do get why they choose this name.

I would love to know if you have tried any
of these nude glam nail polishes!
And what your thoughts are
xXx Julia

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