Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Essence Studio Nails - Nail Fashion Sticker gel style

Today I was looking at my nails and I remember that I still had some Nail Fashion Sticker gel style [Essence]. I bought these about a month ago. They had four different designs and I choose Saw it first in Rio.
I think it's a really cute design but I was afraid the stickers would be to small or to big. I only tried it on my pinkie yet. But as far as I can tell I will deff buy more.
Since I didn't use them all in once I cut out the one that fitted my pinkie. I already applied nail polish before I did this. It's really cool that they're see through because you can really rock these nail stickers even more with a nice colour underneed it. I wear Iced strawberry cream [Essence].
You can apply them really easy to your nails. I have tried other nail stickers [like the ones from H&M and Sephora and] they were harder to apply correctly. As you can see they fit my nails almost perfectly. I also had the feeling that the sticker got a little bigger when I pressed it down.
But it was kind of hard to remove the top part that was a little to long. I tried it with siccors and a file. It got a little sorter but not much. So I pressed it down during the day and somewhere in the middle of it the excess gel sticker part was gone. So now it fits perfectly, haha.
The only down side it that the gel sticker already comes off at the top and the bottom of the right side of my nail. But even when these stickers don't stick on for longer than a view days they're still worth it.
It's a really nice design and you can even though it up with your own look by just applying your favorite nail polish. Which also means it's very unique because the change is smaller that someone will wear this with the exact same nail polish underneed it as you did.
And besides that all they're only €1.99 .

Which nail polish colour
would you wear underneed these gel nail stickers?
And are you going to try them?
xXx Julia

Side note: I lost this nail sticker after a day,
but the whole day that I wore it I got loads of compliments!
[added the day after this post]

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