Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fashion for your mobilephone or ipod

A week ago when I was ordering an Ipod case on amazon I realized that I never explicitly mentioned them on my blog or in one of my videos.
But I do consider them to be a fashion item.
So that's when I decided to write a blog post about them.

I have bought mobilephone cases since I had my first mobilephone. But I want to keep this one up to date and besides that I also can't find one of my ipod cases and I bought my ipod less than a year ago. So I'm not even sure if I can still find them. [probably I can when I search really hard but only if you want me to hahaha]
I'm going to start with the ipod case I can't find. I also couldn't find a picture but there is a small chance that I once showed it in a video not sure though.
It's this see through case and I use to place heart shaped sequins between the case and my ipod so it looked like I had a ipod case with heart shaped sequins in it.

The second ipod case I bought is super cute. It's the owl one from Paperchase ( € 14-something). I bought a matching glittery-owl blackberry case with it so my ipod and mobilephone would match.
Than I scored this United kingdom one on Amazon for only three pounds [it also could have been 2 pounds]. This one is hands done my favorite, not only because it matches with a lot of my stuff [like my umbrella from river island]. But also because it makes me smile, I'm super silly but I just love the UK. Bascilly my ipod wears this one all the time.
 And this one I bought a week ago. The picture doesn't do it justice because in person it's a lot awesomer. I bought this one for three pounds. And I bought it because when I was very little I use to have [still do] a game boy that was always by my side.  So when I saw this case I was like I just need this. Also because I find it very Geek chic.

And for my blackberry (curve) I just wanted to have a case, because for my nokia [the mobilephone I had before my blackberry] I had a lot of glam cases. So I scored this one for my blackberry on amazon or ebay or something [ can't remember]. I liked it but I wanted to have something more shinny. [yeah that's just me haha]
That's when I scored this one. I remember that I found it unfair that ebay sold this one to every country but mine. Untill I looked on amazon and saw that they sold the exact same one for less. I was so happy I ordered it right away. This case has been my favorite case for the blackberry. Because it has a butterfly and different kind of stoned and pearls and it's just perfect!

Than I saw this one on amazon and it was quiet expensive, but I really wanted it because than my ipod and blackberry could match. But I didn't buy it untill I saw this one a lot cheaper in bristol. Also because I wasn't sure if I was going to use this one a lot. But I'm glad I bought it and I was also glad that I waited.

And than my favorite mobile phone has this black boring case. But I don't really care because I'm always holding this one and I see myself as the perfect accesorize for my mobile haha. [Yes I have two mobile phones, it's a very long story. I do have a duo sim so they both have the same cellphone number]. The phone I'mholding it a HTC titan.

I hoped you liked this post,

And which of the cases do you like the most?
And how many cases do you have for your mobilephone?

xXx Julia


  1. Ohh these are all lovely! I have the owl print one for my laptop hehe! :)