Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So lately I haven't bought a lot of clothes or stuff. [Besides nail polish]
Because I didn't see anything nice in the stores but know I can finally write a haul because I finally bought more than nail polish or one item. Super excited !

I first bought the pink jacket from Zara that I showed in my two latest videos. [and in the picture above] the jacket was €69.- . I'm super in love with it, it's super cute and pink and so me !
And I also bought the mint green top, that I'm also wearing in the picture. I bought that one at Pull&Bear for €19.99
I also bought a nude pinkish tregging at Pieces for €16.59. It's very comfortable so I'm probably going to buy more in different colors. Since pieces sell these treggings in every colour you can imagine haha ! A picture of me wearing the tregging.

And than I went to lush because I needed a new conditionair, and this is really exciting because they finally had the conditionair I love the most ! For a very long time it was sold out and I was really sad about it. But the instant I saw it I was like YESSS !
You could really tell after one time using it again that I used it. A lot of people are like your hair looks super soft ! "It's one of my favorite products ever haha - happy face-"

The next item that I scored I needed for a very long time and that's a sunglasses case. Because the case I got with my michael kors sunglasses is very soft and that means that when I carry my sunglasses with me in my bag they're going to break easily because of my schoolbooks and other heavy things. And I was really happy that Assecorize sells these sunglasses cases because most of the time my sunglasses are to big for these cases. And this one is also very very shinny and glittery! The case was €8.90.

I also scored these tights for €5 each. I first thought that they were €10 each but there was some sort of sale so I was like yeay ! I bought them because they look kind of simulair as my accesorizes tights, and that one is my favorite but they don't sell it anymore.
And I needed to dress up my Ipod , so I bought this game boy case on amazon for three pounds. [ I did a whole blog post on fashion for your ipod or mobile phone].

This was my haul &
& what I scored,
I hope to write a haul again anytime soon,
xXx Julia

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