Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jigglypuff nails

I tried this new nail look because I was inspired by Chantelles pikachu nail art tutorial.
It didn't work out as I planned and I also found a picture of someone who tried the same and it looked a lot better than my nails. But I still wanted to show it because the idea is great. And it isn't horrible.

I first applied a layer of Sparrow me the drama [OPI]. And than I used the back of a pencil to apply a dot [it was suppost to be a circle ] of white lie [Topshop].
I than applied Mint candy apple [Essie] for the green in the eyes of Jigglypuff. But my eyes are not round so it didn't really work the way I planned it to.
I than made the arms, mouth and everything else with Mysterious black [Essence nail art]. And the microphone green-thing I made with Sew psyched [Essie]. And last but not least I applied a twinkle in Jigglypuffs eyes with Rainbow connection [OPI] glitter nail polish.
You can choose every nail polish you like. But I thought I would just mention kind of exactly what I did.

xXx Julia

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