Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My all time favorite toe nail polish!

Since it's becoming warmer outside I deciced to show my all time favorite toe nail polish. I normally don't like to polish my toes because  I find everything to bold. But since a year I found the perfect colour.
It's Revlon in the colour First blush. I got it as a present from Chantelle. It's the perfect colour since it's pretty nude but still very pink-orangi. I even wear this in the winter or fall on my toe nails. The nail polish has a very small brush so it's easy to apply. And it drys pretty quick and stays on very long.
Most of the time I quickly apply this nail polish in the morning before I walk out the door.
better quality when you press the picture

And this colour matches perfectly with my favorite sandals. I normally also don't like sandals but when I saw these I needed to have them and wore them the whole summer. So that's probably what I'm also going to do this summer too, haha.

What's your favorite toe nail polish colour?
xXx Julia

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